Brotherhood of Pain

Image source: Reality Tv World

So one day, in the not so distant past, I am having this inbox conversation with this digital acquaintance, and somehow, the conversation, as almost all conversations of this sort are wont to do, steers itself to the areas of comfort, and finance, and sustenance. In what is perhaps an unconscious attempt to draw me out, my interlocutor tells me about suffering, and stress, and pain. 

Insensitivity To The Highest

Did you read on the news about the 30 people that died in Portharcourt the other day while watching a football match at a viewing center? Tragedy right? Somebody made a snide insensitive remarks about it! Yes! Don’t be surprised, somebody like me and you did because… well I have no faintest idea why

Etiquette on the Net

Source : Men’s Health

In the second part of this our series on etiquette on the net, we are going to be discussing the issue of likes and comments, the right and wrong use of applications like whatsapp, and of course, the best way to navigate subs and shades. 

7Businesses You Can Start With NOTHING!

Everytime umu Israel will be crying recession!

So I decided to take it upon myself to help my fellow brethren. In this era of “money no dey”, it is always a good idea to have multiple streams of income. At least, if the government fails to pay your salary or your private Oga has refused to check his calender, you can still get one or two things to eat. With the economic crises going on, inflation and mass retrenchment, starting a business is not only the logical option but the best bet to keep afloat until things stabilize.(Don’t keep your fingers crossed on Nigeria getting better ,though. This same country with politicians that loot the national  dry? Abia!) .

Rape is Not a Joke

When is Dee Zucker shutting down Naija community version of Facebook? The bile on here is alarming, I can bet anything that the real world is more peaceful than Naija community Facebook world. Oginidi na afio ife a? Chayee!