Valentine Give Away Feedback Instructions

So hey folks, we have come to the last lap of the #FifietalksValentineGiveaway games.

Three of you are going to get a chance to take the love of your life (or maybe not the love of your life, just a dear friend, we don’t care), out to dinner at a modest restaurant of your choice…

… All on us.

While the others would just have to be satisfied with jamming the love of their live’s phones with spammy, over recycled valentine messages…

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… Also on us.

So, here is what you have to do to win this.

Right here on the blog, in response to this update, write a brief PUN-ny poem your perfect location for a Valentine’s day date…

And then, share the link to the post, to get your friends, family, acquaintances, frenemies and even your outright enemies (we ain’t picky), to like your entry.

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We need a minimum of 50 likes to make top three and the entry with the most likes wins.

There will be a first, second and third prize and two consolation prizes.

Let’s go there, there are only five of you in the running.

Ready, set, pun awayyyyy!!!!

And remember our hashtag…

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Best of luck.

****The game ends by 6pm on the 13th of February, 2018. Winners will be contacted one hour later****

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44 Thoughts to “Valentine Give Away Feedback Instructions”

  1. Evalasting Obinna

    My perfect location for a Valentine’s date is Italy. I like their food. Sometime last year on February 14th,I and my date was Hungary so Iran over there with her to have dinner. I ordered for Turkey and she ordered Hamburg- er. After Czech’ing the bill,I realized that their bill is always Dublin and that I have Spain-t more than I Burj- eted. So Iraq-ed my head and then paid for it,but there is Norway I will ever go there again to eat.😃

    1. Francis Happiness

      Nice!, the twist of words using places is so in place.😃 I vote Evalasting Obinna. Bring home the gift baby.

  2. Mba Nenye

    has bean long we last had a date.
    So let’s do it this thyme.
    Let’s go to Stanel Awka tomorrow for a date.
    I think 6 pm will be perfect for the thyme .
    Let’s meat and talk over turkey and wine.
    We’ll end up in your place or mine
    To quench that our inner Onga.
    You knorr,
    You, I, my pot and your spoon
    We wood make wonderful meal and eat to fullness
    Then say chairs to our unending happiness.
    Remember time it socks to stick to love
    And time we shoes to stick to it too.
    Because this love is ours and we’ll make it work

    # fifietalksvalentinegiveaway

    1. Mimi

      I vote for this comment.
      Bring this home 😘😘

    2. kenneth nwadike

      i vote for mba nenye

    3. Abimbola Michael Bismark

      I vote for Mba Nenye

    4. Sorbari Juanita

      I vote for Mba Nneye

    5. Chineke

      I vote for mba nenye

    6. Agu Emmanuel

      I like Mba Nenye’s idea, I vote her

    7. Uche Pete Obi

      I vote for Mba Chinenye

    8. MascheranoSnr

      Vote for Mba

    9. Decency Salome

      I vote Mba Nenye

    10. Manuel Phrancis

      I vote for Mba nenye.

  3. Margaret Ini

    Our Love, a thing the world will never understand. We stood against the storms, the rains and many turbulence.
    You allowed me be your perfect distraction even at times we it looked like we’re weren’t perfect.
    Remember we took a walk to the mistletoe some time in our dreams, but this time, let’s take it Roban Stores in Enugu. I will be there this evening waiting for you.
    Love you.


    1. Chinenye Ukeme

      Maggie, you are already the Champ. We will be rocking this in TopRank hotels. Lol.. My vote for you.

    2. Temidayo Ebun

      If it’s not Margaret Ini, then it’s no one. I support Margaret Ini ohhh… You people should not waste your time.

    3. Amy okoh

      I vote for Margaret Ini

    4. Uju

      Margaret, its just you alone that is fit.I vote for you.

    5. Chi chi

      Margaret has to take this home jare

    6. Azubike Chika

      Hmmm.. The award goes to M.I aka. Maggi

  4. Mitchy Nwanne

    In case I haven’t told you before, ewe will always be the captain of my sheep
    It’s goodbuy to the world as we set sale to Grand Hotel tomorrow for a treat
    Let the world know you will always bee the one I call my honey
    I’m that Igbo boy but Audu anything for you with my money

    Whatever you want tomorrow, I promise to follow it to the Letter and prove I O U my all for making loving you as EZ as ABC

    1. Uzoamaka

      Weldone boss.
      Make sure u get d gift .

      1. Roseline

        Winning all the way. I like this one.

      2. Chiomsky

        Mitchy for the gift. Grab it bro!

    2. The king of puns himself!
      Mitchy you have to win this or else!

    3. Dera Nath.

      Hope you win!

    4. Yong

      Vote given.

      I don’t know how to speak grammar.

    5. Chinelo

      Ride on 😄my vote for you mitchy

    6. So'chi Nwankwo

      Nice one

    7. Chisom Ekechi

      Mitchell, you’re the king of PUN. I hope you win this!

    8. Amara Jane

      Mitchy all the way

    9. Temitayo Elizabeth

      King of Pun!!!

    10. Uzo


      Well done o. I hope you win o.

    11. Nelly

      U are that igbo boy that is Audu okwayaa?

    12. ugochytino

      I vote for this one
      Nice one

  5. Chineke victory

    I nwere ike vote for mba nenye

  6. Ndubueze Sylvia

    Mitchy for the gift.
    Good luck

  7. uduak

    I vote Mba nenye

  8. Gerald

    I vote for mba Nenye

  9. Priscie

    I vote for Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu.

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