Why the Heck do I Need a Sex Doll?

Why the Heck do I Need a Sex Doll?

Why the Heck do I need a Sex Doll?

The invention of sex dolls is not a recent hap. In fact, rumors have it that Adolf Hitler made the first set of sex dolls. Now that’s ridiculous. If you’ll agree with me, it’s just a rumor and for all we care it could be true. However, the question is- why is it suddenly on the highlights? We know it is on virtually everyone’s lips and on the tip of their fingers, for those who are updating their social media status and googling the next news on sex dolls flicker. What we want to find out is why it is a trend and what folks think about it. Come on, this is coitus, everyone has an opinion on this.

Let’s find out…

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Okay, we know that sex dolls aren’t up to replacing humans- there’s still this fleshly touch of a conscious human that is irreplaceable…

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…but why do most folks think sex dolls are threats to women and not men? Dinma Emeziem Nnorom is not the only one who has implied it.

Here’s how a male folk responded to a close-ended question “Sex dolls: Yay or Nay?”

Hahaha…this dude just gave the silliest clapback ever on the sex doll series. Ladies, retreat!!!

So, the real deal is- who needs a sex doll after all?

I can only think up three reasons

  • For a better sex life
  • For companionship; to fight loneliness
  • To satisfy a particular sexual fantasy

A survey was done in a doll forum on real sex doll owners and some of them were reported to say:

“It seems that the entire dating/marriage concept has become sort of a death-trap for males. No matter how you try to play it, she will always hold all of the cards and will most likely use them at some point.”

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I’m married, but get way less sex than I’d like. Doll sex not only makes up the difference, it satisfies many itches that married sex won’t: Sex acts the wife doesn’t do with me and some I’d be afraid or embarrassed to even ask for.”

I wanted a companion. That I can hug into sleep. Or not feel lonely when I play computer games. I find her too cute. The elf model that I have bought.”

People have an opportunity to develop their sex life, right!

People who are single can make up for those lone moments with an inanimate piece of art, right? Right.

Thirdly, are they sexual fantasies that are beyond the walls of morality to provide? Maybe. How are we going to relate with the production of child sex dolls to satisfy pedophilia? Is that even supposed to be called a sexual fantasy or psychiatric disorder? Why should it be called a disorder while homosexuality is called an orientation?

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Anyways…that’s by the way.

And oh! I forgot to add…some folks don’t find the cost of it appealing. Eight hundred thousand naira? A whopping $2000!!!?

Anyone who has got that sum can definitely afford a faithful girlfriend. If you get a sex doll that needs to be charged to function, remember, we can’t vouch for Nigeria’s power supply


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