10 Traits Of People That Are Obsessed With Their Ex

Recently, there has been a spike in the number of updates dedicated to “exes” online. From the ones comparing their exes to grains of rice to those comparing him or her to “follow come charger.” While one has got to admit, these updates often turn out funny, still, chances are, most of those that make such updates – or applaud them, are obsessed with their ex. And, let’s face it, a huge number of people still obsess over their ex. And another thing, let me quickly state this, I believe in second chances – it’s absolutely fine to try making a broken relationship work.

However, some of us desperately stick to gone relationships for every erroneous justification. And, surprisingly, few discover they’re in terrible relationships, even their pals and acquaintances made this known to them but they still stay eventhough they’re supposed​ to take a walk.

Consider these signs, many seem familiar? If yes, you just might be obsessing over your ex.

1. The relationship hit the rocks ‘coz you were overly disturbed, envious, you turned a control freak and also acted like a destitute.

2. Everytime thoughts of your ex being out of your life crosses your mind, it feels to you like all hopes of existence is lost on you.

3. Continuously wasting your time on stalking your ex in order to find out everything he/she is up to. Even as much as you try to stop this, you find yourself going back to it.

4. You experience horrific anxiousness coupled with fright which only usually subsides after you re-initiate connection with him/her.

5. Just thinking that your ex might be with some other person distabilize and ships you off into fright mode, and causes you feelings of inadequacy coupled with trashiness.

6. The relationship caused you huge sadness while you were in it – so much so that you’d come to the conclusion that you would be better off not being in it, however, you’re now out of it, but you’re starting to so badly feel like having your ex back in your arms.

7. You are ready to do whatever thing and all things your ex demands he/she needs from you, in as much as you’ll have him/her back in your arms.

8. You’re continuously telling yourself of the extent to which his/her love for you was – and how badly he/she needs you, eventhough it’s obvious your ex didn’t make moves to connect with you in a long time – that’s besides the fact that, he/she seems uninterested whenever you try contacting him/her.

9. The major reason for you wanting to have your ex in your life again is as a result of the hurt you feel at the moment, you believe you’ll feel better if ever him/her returns to your life.

10. This ain’t the first time you’re experiencing such, being in non-functional relationships for very long periods seem to be a pattern with you.

If most points listed above describes you, you are out of touch with ability to steer the wheel of your life, little wonder it’s almost as though you’re without control. To get out of these murky waters, you’ll have to first identify your issues – “neediness and clinginess” – after which, you make efforts to work on the root causes.

I’ll tell you something. If, by chance, you feel it’ll be an utter waste of valuable time working on your person, you would be opening up your emotions to abuse, and heavens help you that your ex ain’t a self-seeking, egotistic, wangler – otherwise, you’re in deep sh!t.

To be human is beautiful.

Dr. Cum

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