The world is changing, scratch that, the world haf changed kpata kpata. Change is good, liberation is good kwa but the way things are changing dey scare me small. Tey tey when ‘mgbe elu’ bu ala osa, before you say Ga not to talk of Gay, them don beat shit nonsense comot from your head. This days we are becoming bold, making assumptions and creating unproved facts all in the name of being liberal. For me, it’s good to an extent that we are allowing people be themselves but trying to now turn the heat and hate to archaic people that refused to see things that same way is extreme naa. 

These days, any person that says ‘I don’t like gays’ is automatically a closet homosexual, ngwanu ask them how dem take know, they will shut up or tell you that they know people like that. So because you sabi 2 or 3 persons, every other person that truly frowns at homosexuality is now a closet homosexual? Atumngenge o????


Onyeka Chiemelie wrote yesterday on his wall “Most homophobic people are gay, pretending to be straight. This is a fact!”

Chibuihe Obi concurred “It’s insecurity. Fear. Defense mechanism.” And Onyeka replied him ”

It’s insecurity. Fear. Defense mechanism.”

Bolaji Yusuf agreed “#Fact. The stronger there are in their homophobic ways….the chances of them been outright closeted gay people. Sadly, I have met a few.”

Jerome Jr Nwonuma commented “Fact is that homophobia comes from any quarters, the reason closeted gays deny their true self, is the obvious ignorant discriminatory practices against gays in a society like Nigeria, where they can be killed, so why does it surprise anyone that gays and lesbians are most likely to safeguarding their true identity? Gays are in a very difficult position in Nigeria society, where they’re not allowed to be themselves, and can be killed, if they so much as be identified.

People should be free to be who they’re”


While they were agreeing, some people called the post outright bullshit (which it is by the way, sorry?)

Henry Jr Henry told him “No, it’s not a fact.

MOST homophobic people are not gay. Stop peddling the idea that straight people cannot be homophobic. Homophobes are mostly straight.” (Tell him abeg?)

Onyeabo O’Qwy El replied him “”Homophobes are mostly straight”

Totally debatable.” Henry told him “Onyeabor O’Qwy El, I would argue that the idea of you knowing that “deep down” most homophobic people are actually gay should be the really debatable statement here.” (Gbam!)

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Brian-Gabriel Chiedozie Ndubuisi replied Henry “Thank goodness someone is recovering from the (leftist) tendencies to lie for a greater good ?” and Henry asked him “Lie for a greater good? That someone doesn’t accept what you hold as truths doesn’t mean they’re liars. Get over yourself. And what greater good is there in pushing the lie that most homophobic people are gay? I fail to see it.”

Brian explained to him “Maybe I should change it to a “perceived” greater good.


The author of this idea that homophobes are closet homosexuals could have intended it to be a deterrent for people to express their homophobia for fear of being tagged closet homosexuals…

Greater good?” Henry told him “Brian-Gabriel Chiedozie Ndubuisi And how exactly does fear of being tagged closet homosexual solve the bigger problem of homophobia that is a “leftist” cause? How does reinforcing homophobia solve homophobia?”(I follow h-ask too o?)


Chibueze Mitchell Odumegwu asked Onyeka “Fact from where, biko? I keep seeing  this so-called fact from people and I wonder where they got it from. And it shocks me that some people even buy into it.

Anybody can slap a Fact tag on anything these days.”(as in eeh?)

Hymar Idibie David called it BS “that’s bullshit though.

Yesterday my bro showed me his inbox.  A gay guy was hitting on him in a very lewd and honestly disgusting way.  Bro was telling the guy to shove it,  idiot was going on and on about suck my dick,  eat my anus.  Blah blah


Why won’t the equal response be full of anger and aggression?” This earned him several responses, Onyeka George Mgbakor replied him “Your brother can show disgust based on that guy’s actions. But it would become wrong when he begins to talk about all gays in that light.” And Hymar told him “My point is this post about homopobes being closet gays is bullshit with reasons”

Lawrence Uzondu Nkamuke told Hymar “Hymar Idibie David ur comment about what goes on in ur brother’s inbox has nothing to do with this post.. Plus u can’t generalise with just a unit of sample observation.. Please don’t derail from the original post”

Arinze Ifekandu also said “I wonder what would happen if all the women in the world being sexually harassed by straight men react with full anger and aggression.”

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Hymar replied them “Arinze,  that lazy, evasive,  women nko line never flies where i am. Lawrence,  learn to read then.”

Sixtus Ohans told Lawrence and Arinze “Lawrence Uzondu Nkamuke puh-lease Hymar Idibie David can generalise all he wants! That’s really how sampling works… I’m sure his bro wasn’t the first he is seeing…  Secondly is the main post can say “most” then we can generalize. I’m gaddam homophobic…  Will never hide it,  and I’m not gay.. So are all my friends.  Yes! It’s an anomaly” (live and let live shaa?)

Lawrence resorted “Sixtus Ohans … U just exposed ur ignorance, u only generalise when ur sample is a true representation of the population. Hymar Idibie David brother’s chyker can not be used for generalisation of a gay population… I myself don’t agree with d post cus I know that homophobia itself is associated with Four  things.. Gross ignorance… Blocked minds… Irrational thinking and the fear of the unknown/insecurities … U guys are free to pick which one fills d round hole.. Gay or straight”

And Hymar fired back “who is generalizing?


It is amusing you guys are rushing to blow high sounding English about generalization while defending a post that is the Father of all generalizations.


I love when people with iroko trees in their eyes are complaining about people with brooms in their eyes.


Lawrence,  let me help you with comprehension.


my comment explains why some people are strongly homophobic.  It addresses the bullshit of this post that because you are outspoken against homosexuality you are a closet gay.


Finish.”(Sefini…hope I spelt it right eeh?)


Sixtus finished them “Onyeka George Mgbako Lawrence Uzondu Nkamuke you are  both embodiments  of ignorance… .

If you think I don’t understand simple, sampling and population techniques.


I repeat myself… Hymar Idibie David can see it the way he likes, if Onyeka says that “MOST” homophobic people are closet gays and call it a fact… Then hymar can “generalize” based on that single unit of perverted anomaly of a human, grossing out himself in hymar’s brother’s inbox…  Shikina

As for me..  Again… I’m homophobic and not gay.. ?”

David Chikills made a very sensible argument “You are right…


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No offence meant bro, your assertion is retarded…along anyone who buys into this shitty statement.” (Dayum! Boy you are good!??) Oti Meme Sage told him “Rightly articulated Bro!” Tochukwu Ugwunze told him “This killed me!”


Skibijabi Vyrux said “i think the post is a very very very very wrong assumption, it should have been ”some” and not ”most”….lets face the fact, majority of africans are homophobic so u cant just say majority of africans are gays, i will not shy away from the fact that i am homophobic and the gay act naturally irritates me and i have no control over that irritation and that can never make me gay but i have come to understand that gays also naturally have such impulse and cannot control there urge so we shud try to sensitize people to understand aand stop violence against them as long as they stick to their lane…i cannot pretend to like sometin i naturally dislike but we can choose not to talk about them to reduce the stigmatisation which i think will never end” Onyeka attacked him “Please, don’t you ever come to my post to display this crass stupidity. Personally, if you have an opinion. Please do it on your wall. You suddenly have a say on here.

You never say shit on your wall.”

Skibi asked him “hehehehe oko we dey quarrel ???” And Onyeka resorted “I have just told you bluntly what you should know. Keep your comment. Put it on your wall. Thanks” Skibi put him in his place “obe park well joor……we  no dey quarrell…u wrote dat stuff bcos u wanted people to air their views so stop sounding autocratic…ogbanje told me u are free minded, dont sound otherwise, ur ginger no intimidate  me atall *puffing my arizona*”(egzactili?)

Kanife Kanamuo Machienti disagreed “I strongly disagree with this. I know a lot of homophobic people that fuck anything in skirts.”


Well, I preach live and let live but you can’t force archaic to like Gay people. And just because they don’t like them doesn’t mean they are closet gays either?


#AsiriAwt biko

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