#JustinAndMandy – Jerry Chi the Trouble Finder

I don talk am tey tey, any facebook bashing weh no drag feminism/feminists inside, eez nuh a bashing o
Jerry Chi has been writing a new skit on his wall titled #JustinAndMandy and it kinda castigates Mandy the more. Girls of course, have been whining as per say he makes Mandy the villain all the damn time.

Yesterday Jerry decided to take his series up a notch by taking a ‘joking’ swipe at feminists and well to my utmost surprise, THEY IGNORED him…..to a certain extent though?.

He wrote “Feminists be like “#JustinAndMandy is sexist, misogynistic, chauvinist and ignorantly biased. It’s a single story, it has no basis, it consists of piss poor English, and should be taken down from any social media platform worth its salt. The ones I feel the most disgust for are the ones who react and comment on such drivel, they are the problem, they are the ones who take us backwards in this fight against Patriarchy”.

Wola Thomas commented and asked, “have some people started trash-mouthing Justin and Mandy? They should sha use the hash tag if they decide to put up an effing diatribe. Awon people kan don’t have sense in this life”, to which Ijeoma Chinonyerem, a core feminist replied him “Nobody trash mouthed the series. Jerry abeg” (don’t mind him, he is just being silly).

Emmanuel Okoro chanted “Make them go boil stone joor!” (Boil ke, it’s all in your head?).

Iwuoha Lynda Nora came with mat, fanta and popcorn “I’m here for the comments”.

Vanessa Chioma done with her ‘words full of wisdom’ outfit told Jerry “They might have a point. Why don’t you tell the story from a female point of view. I mean, it can’t be only guys who go through the disappointments you are screaming about. Shift your perspective…”.

Jerry’s goons came for her, as in they did her ‘taa kpuchie onu osiso’.

George Cayman in his sarcastic demeanor replied her “Hehe. Jerry, is it emotional blackmail I smell?”.

Hauwa Shaffii Nuhu cautioned the babe like say na small pikin e dey teach “I kinda have a problem with when someone asks a writer to write from another point of view or perspective. I think it’s not nice, really. You don’t tell people what to write. If you want something written in a particular way, write it yourself. Or get someone paid to. Or something. Anything but demand another person writes it”.

Vanessa retorted “Funny. You are kind of doing the same thing, you know? Telling me what to do?”

Hauwa replied her “Vanessa Chioma, no, I didn’t mean it like that. Not at all. What you are suggesting is like saying that people should not beat their wives is you trying to tell people what to do. When you demand that a writer shift perspective to suit what you want, as against what he wants, it is simply not nice. In fact, it’s a bit disrespectful”.

George Cayman wasn’t having it, he threw it at her, “if you have a problem with Jerry’s skits, write your own. This is not rocket science. We love #JustinAndMandy as is, jare.”

Vanessa defended her stance “This people won’t make me do this.
Not this morning…
I am sorry, Jerry, for ‘suggesting’ something so disrespectful.
Won’t happen again.
I apologise to all of you, Jerry Fans/Army, for daring to speak my mind and not agreeing with everything that Jerry posts.
I am so sorry for not being an Eye servicer/ass kisser.
P.S we don’t all have to agree with something. It’s perfectly natural to have a different point of view.”

George Cayman went straight for the jugular “Your half-arsed and witless apology is duly accepted. See? That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

Na so fight take start o, over apology abi non apology. Na wa unto Facebook people sha.

Mojisola Omoyemisi Akamo Ekun in her ‘vexpar’ attire attacked Jerry outrightly “Has any feminist actually said the above? If so… tag them. If not… shut the hell up and stop being unnecessarily silly.” (Shiaaar?)

Jerry asked her “Why so ornery though?” And she sparked “Because you’re being an ass. I have liked every Justin/Mandy joke… because it’s funny and kinda real. But don’t bring that crappy feminist bashing here man… it’s just childish”.

When Jerry ‘shrugged’, she sent him on his way like a lil boy “Good… now put up more Justin/Mandy… you’re better at it”.

(Damn! He had it coming though, but you ma’am is mannerless fa?)

Shia! Some people suppose dey bear vexper as their middle name o, anyways shebi una like sparking oyibo? Make una continue o, ayam coming??

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  1. Jerry Chi

    hahahahahahahahahaha…how come i missed this?

    1. Viola Okolie

      I wonder why they didn’t tag you o. I will ask the editor now to start tagging all of you that are keeping facebook active for us.

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