18 Nigerian Facebookers Reveal What Makes Gbenshing Boring For Them

Yes o. Naija Facebook no dey carry last for better drama. Hehehe. On this edition, we bring you 18 things that could make gbenshing boring, as stated by 18 Naija Facebook users. Some of these correct people are your Facebook friends. Enjoy.

18. You Go Roof House Wei No Get Foundation?

17. The Bitterleaf Treatment


16. Chop What Exactly? 😐


15. This Has Got Absolutely Nothing To Do With Indomie 😕


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14. Funkeee! 😱


13. Timing That Sucks


12. Hanty, You Sef. Hian!

11. Orientation Is Everything


10. Feeling Me Baby?! 😂


9. One Wo(Man’s) Garri…


8. Another Wo(Man’s) Sniper


7. Everytime. “Touch Your Toe.” You No Dey Taya?


6. Hanty, This Table You Are Shaking…


5. First Things First Biko


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4. But Why Are Nigerians Like Dis Na? 😂


3. OK… We Aren’t Exactly Sure What She Means 😐

2. Kukuma Kee Meee!


1. There’s Just No Winning With The Ladies. Is There? 😑



And. That’s it! All 18 things that could make gbenshing boring. In all, 1 thing is clear, people are driven by different desires. ‘Boring’ for one could mean ‘fun’ for another. It’s all a matter of staying true to oneself.

So, got the winning “number 19” tip, see a Facebook friend above or you got some suggestion for us? Let’s talk in the comments section below.


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Perfect is boring. To be human is beautiful.



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