3 Fashion Pieces Nigerians Take Too Personal

3 Fashion Pieces Nigerians Take Too Personal

In this part of the world people like to take little, inconsequential stuff and breathe heavy spiritual meanings into them. They over-think and over-do and over-rate and even over-spiritualize, little wonder they walk around with eternal frowns on their faces, they just over do every single thing. Ordinary fashion pieces are not even spared.

But then again coming from a country where the most creative and convincing excuse the law enforcement could come up with to hide their embezzlement of public funds is “it was swallowed by a snake”, I think I kind of understand their plight.


  • Waist Beads


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Wear a waist bead in Canada and you’ll get comments like “wow, those are beautiful, where’d you get them?” Wear waist beads in Africa, Nigeria to be precise and here’s what you get – glaring stares, accusatory stares, you get tagged “ogbanje” or even worse “ashawo” and then of course…questions like “Do you want to attract a spirit husband?” hurled at you. Never mind that these items can also be used to track waist loss/gain, or just for pure basic aesthetics, what Nigerians are interested in is the fact that it ‘looks’ demonic.

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  • Leg Chains


Not even these pretty pieces were spared, apparently it is listed somewhere in the constitution that anyone who wears leg chains is a lesbian and or a prostitute. And of course seeing as being anything but heterosexual is totally unacceptable here, wearing a fashion piece that may or may not indicate that you are a lesbian is also equally unacceptable.


  • Trousers


The case against these totally harmless, trendy pieces is that they are supposedly strictly male clothing. Never mind that there are trousers for women and trousers for men. Can you even imagine a guy in high waisted skinny jeans? Now that would be a sight to behold. Summary however is this- trousers on female folk are equally unacceptable in Nigeria, if a female insists on rocking these irresistible fashion pieces, she automatically gains admission into the “Ashawo” sect.


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My verdict? You’re damned either way; people will still find reasons to not approve of your person, besides you can’t spend a lifetime walking on eggshells just so you don’t upset a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. Or can you? Thought so too.

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