3 Signs You are Suffocating Your Partner.

3 Signs You are Suffocating Your Partner.

No one wants a partner who suffocates them, at first it’s cute but it always gets irritating. We know the whole point of being in a relationship or going exclusively with one person is because you enjoy their company a lot and you like to have them around as you as often as possible.

Regardless, you have to realize that your partner was living a life before you came into their life; and it would be rude for them to freeze every other part of their life because you came into it. Here are 3 obvious signs that you might just be smoldering your partner;


1. You Call More than 10 times a day

…and it is not for business. Yes, I know you have to talk on phone to check up on them and gossip with them and just basically talk about all the humdrum people in relationships talk about. But when it gets to the point where you keep calling when you really have nothing to say, it gets tiring and eventually plain annoying. Plus, it is extremely battery draining, stop it.


2. You demand 24/7 attention



…and you are not their job, or oxygen supplier. Your partner’s life should sincerely not revolve around you; there should be space for work and for other people like family and friends. You both mustn’t watch the same movies at the same time, and eat out together every time you are hungry. Don’t be all up in their face demanding that they give you undivided attention every second of every day – you are not oxygen oh. Besides, don’t you have work to attend to?


3. You flood their social media accounts with tags from you



We get that this is your man/woman and you have to put a mark on your territory so all these wandering desperados out there. Still, don’t overdo it. How can you tell if you’re overdoing it? When it gets to the stage where your tags are the only things people see when they go your partner’s profile. Especially with Facebook, come on, don’t make destiny-changing people miss out on that destiny-changing post your partner made all because they had to sieve through all the pictures captions #RelationshipGoals you put up.


Relationships like every other enticing thing in life should be governed by that one silver rule- don’t overdo it. No one wants to be suffocated, not with love or even sex. Keep this rule in mind and you’ll be fine.

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