3 Things Every Sexually Active Person Should Have Covered

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It’s all fun and games until you catch something really nasty or you get pregnant when your bank account cannot even comfortably get you sanitary pads talk more of baby diapers. There’s more to life and sex than orgasms, as a matter of fact there’s a right way to go about having sex and it requires more than just making sure you have good sex. If you don’t intend to spend all your money going from hospital to hospital treating infection after infection or getting pregnant when you are least prepared for it then you had better read this list and make sure you have it all covered. If you’re a guy and you feel like this is not your business I recommend Klint da drunk’s “unwanted” baby mama saga for you to get some inspiration.

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  1. Routine STD status checks

Going for tests to check your STD status should be a routine, yes, something you do every three months. This is so because some STDs or STIs don’t even give the slightest hint that you have them, they just sit there comfortable in your system doing all the damage they can until of course years or months later when they must have caused so much harm that they can no longer go unnoticed. And for the clueless in our midst, STI means Sexually Transmitted Infection while STD means Sexually Transmitted Disease.

  1. Protection

Protect yourself, protect yourself, and protect yourself some more! As far as sex is concerned there is no such thing as “too much protection”. There are a gazillion infections out there waiting for you to catch them. If you’re sexually active then for you things like condoms are automatically VIP members of your monthly necessities. Yes, your shopping list should read – tissue paper, rice, CONDOMS, cornflakes, soap, etcetera, etcetera. In your wallet or purse, just beside your ATM should sit a condom. And if you ever find yourself in one of those awkward Hollywood positions where the guy/girl is right and the mood is right too but the condom is unavailable- abort mission my friend. Never have sex without protection, even if you have one sexual partner. What with all the Dear Joro and BOM stories flying around you never know if your boo is truly yours or if them too have caught something they are willing to share.

  1. Contraception
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Getting pregnant or getting someone else pregnant when you are least prepared can automatically launch one into a midlife crisis, trust me you do not want to experience this first hand. It’s always safer and smarter to get a more consistent method of contraception. And no I don’t mean getting more packs of Postinor. There are other more reliable contraceptive methods out there, go to the hospital and make your enquiries, or better still google it. Excuse me what did you just think? You don’t have strength for that? But you have strength to gbensh abi? Your case is strong.

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