3 Ways Nigerians React to Getting Scammed

When you live in a region like Nigeria, getting scammed is as much of a daily occurrence as drinking water is. So much that when you tell another Nigerian you just got scammed they most definitely go “are you serious? Just last week I lost half my salary to scammers, my brother lost his car and my neighbour lost his nose”. Yes people, it’s a competition of who has lost the most to scammers or who knows who has lost the most to scammers.

You go to buy a phone but instead you get a phone-like compartment with a cheap smelling bar of soap inside. You go to buy a car they give a rickety superglued zinc parts that fall apart the very first time you introduce it to a danfo driver on the high way.

Now seeing as people get scammed on a daily perhaps a catalogue of how to react to being scammed will help ease all this trauma in the air. Here are the 3 major ways Nigerians react to getting scammed.



  • They leave it to God


This set of Nigerians usually go “God will judge you” after they realize they just got scammed. But of course they still go one to insult the life out of your destiny and lay curses on you that sound so deep that for a second you actually consider giving them back their money or goods just so you don’t have to be the poor soul living under the burden of that heavyweight curse. This set will most definitely live to be scammed another day.



  • They rant about it


This ones are the dogs that bark so loud they forget to bite. They can go on social media to make posts after posts threatening to deal with you but see you on their street and mind their business. It’s like just ranting and not doing any actual thing about the situation is enough therapy for them.



  • They whoop your thieving ass


Now these are the ones you should know better than to mess with. Most times they don’t even rant about it or threaten you. The moment they realize you sold something fake for the price of the original or you found some way to scam their hand earned monies out of their accounts, they walk all the way back to your shop or house, give you the kind of beating you never saw coming and then go on to take whatever possession of yours that they fancy as consolation. If your shop is online, they drag you all the way from Facebook to Twitter and even Instagram. When they are done with you, you won’t have any customers left to do any business with, they literally shut down your business for you. These people are the original Nigerians

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