365 Bras For 365 Days

Growing up, we have 2 names we often use to describe some category of people; Tuza/Gbaza Queen and Omanchancha. If you are not Igbo and you have no Igbo friend that you can ask the meaning of these name, worry no more cause I got you covered.

Just stroll go Lopex Morrissa Escandell’s wall, it will give you a clear picture of what Ngbazaness means, as in I think she have an attention seeking disease and she doesnt know ma sef??

The other time she posted the list of all the people on her block list and she and her friends had a field day and of course, Zuckerville was on fire and people were hauling insults at each other.

This time around she haf kwom again o, she wrote “I never wear a bra again after wearing it once. I wonder how women wash and re-wear one bra. That’s cheap and gross! Brassieres were meant to be worn once and then discarded. If you don’t have 365 brassieres in your closer for the whole year like I do, then you are not a complete woman! Yes..I said it.”

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(h-anty we know say na your boobi but you can lie shaa, as in your own laye na with h-experience…haaa!)

Obviously people weren’t buying the lies she was sharing and they made mockery of her wella

Bimbo Ogbonna Pipes Gal told her “Abeg send me some bra” when Vivyan Calabargeh Kokoma replied her “Blog go soon carry her now” she replied her with a laughing smiley and “na stupeed geh”

Maureen Chidinma Ibewuike begged her “Please import a 40ft container of bra for me so I can become a complete woman like u biko”

Ceo Onwubiko asked her “ What about pants? Can I I see one of your numerous brassieres? And what its holding?”


Peace Mitchie McQueen commented “I am broke.. Pls buy for me… Bras are meant to be worn once and discarded??  Osheyyyyyyy in this Buhari economy…”


Chidiogo Okoligan told her “I do wash and wear , Coman beat me I dey my house ????”

Edidiong Joseph told her “Lemme shake my brezz for u before I comment” (shake an biko?)


Amantem Rosemary Porshia told her “I carry yash for you oo”


Ejike Charles James asked her an importation queshure “How about on leap years? Do you go braless all through the day on the 366th day? Please, do you buy 365/366 bras every December 31st for the coming year?”

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Jessica Ugwu also asked her “Story plenty for here, my question is for you to have   365 bra do you  wear and throw them away? Or you start over the next year”


Adaobi Joy Ani come vex for the matter, she commented “You must be Tboss and Gifty’s elder sister,mtchweeee

People can lie useless lies” Esther Agugua replied her “Useless lies? That’s a new one. What are the characteristics of a useless lie??”

Nekky Eneh come buy the case, she asked Esther “And how does it become your headache…….. shoe get size dear”

Adaobi Joy Ani replied Nekky “Ass lickers buying mkt, Hope u have 400bras too or that makes u less of a Lady, mtchweeee”

Nekky replied “Hahahahahaha come and talk…… u feel you can play dirty tantrums with anyone you come across…….. u mate dey do waka pass ur own na to become tatanfo!!!!!!! Ashiri bakwa ute”

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Lopex come tell Esther “Aunty gwegwegwe so of all the mishaps in 9ja, my 365bras is the most paramount of all? Wehdonema!!!!”

Nekky replied “Ewu gambia me and you who snoop pass…… when u waka come person page dey talk bullshit…….. Anyway the queen Lopex Morrissa Escandell@lhas forgiven you because we found out you are have a psychological problem……. Abeg I’m not as jobless as you are……. I don go I get wettin I dey do…..”

Adaobi resorted “Lol, Nekky Eneh,u stl dey on top this post defending what u don’t even do?

And how do you know we have a mutual friend? Snooping on people’s timeline? Now tell me who is the tatafo here, go and rest joor, be defending post for ur mates upandan, anu mpama”


Lopex chipped in “She’s obsessed with me ?????”


Asawanta Joshua buried her completely “I admire ur courage lady for coming to tell the public that ur breasts stinks so bad that detergents can even remove the smell from ur brazier. I love your honesty

(Oouch! This comment is bae…est??)


H-anty laye, wehdone ma! Goan laye no more Biko (ifihear!??)


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