4 Reasons Why Nigerians Should Celebrate This Easter More Than Before

Today marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Christendom. Easter is a period set aside to mark Christ’s defeat from death, the establishment of the church and the fulfillment of the prophecy “I will destroy this temple and rebuilt it in 3 days”. All over the world, Christians and non- Christians alike will spread the message of love, redemption, peace but most especially the message of rice and chicken.

First of all, I want to congratulate every Nigerian. Odiro easy. It isn’t easy at all. We are indeed a strong people. Most of us are already in high spirits even after the whole ‘na me get the 50 million dollars saga’. If you are a Nigerian, here are 4 reasons why you should celebrate Easter joyfully this year than ever before.


Your politicians have crippled the economy with their loot but you can still afford rice

Nna eh, if this doesn’t call for a celebration, I don’t know what else a testimony is. A few days ago, the sum of 50 million dollars was found stashed in an apartment in Osborne, Ikoyi. At first, it looked like the money belonged to everybody and nobody. No smart politician would come out to claim the money na…that’s like shooting yourself in the leg. But after a while, I believe the spirit of akpiri got a hold of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA) and they laid claims to the money stating that it was disbursed by the “former administration for covert operations”.

Agency that cannot stash cash for a ‘two-year covert operation’, is that one agency?

But despite all these, Nigerians have found the strength to be merry, cook rice and chicken and still come on Facebook to fight…WOW! A round of applause for Nigerians, please. Nothing can keep us down!

P; S: I omitted the fingering (this is how journalists say it, no?)of Ameachi in this saga because only the real Judas deserves to trend. Tenkiu.


You have life

Nothing beats the hope and sunshine a new day brings. Despite all the wahala Nigerians face on a daily basis; accidents, scandals, killings, injustice and bad governance, one can’ t help but appreciate the hope a new day brings. No matter how things go bad for us, we have a way of hoping for the best irrespective of the crises we face as a country.


You have the power to start looking out for the right candidate for the next elections

While we are eating rice and chicken and sharing with our neighbors who don’t have enough to celebrate, it would be a good thing to get consciously ready for the next elections. Have you registered for your voter’s card? Do you know that the process is on? Do you know that you have the chance to be one of the decision makers in the next elections by casting a vote for who you think is competent? This Easter gives you the perfect opportunity to mourn all the things you could have afforded if not for the hike in dollar rate and prepare yourself for the next elections.

Things may be bad but you are still surviving

A survey once said Nigerians are the happiest people on earth. I’m not sure this survey was conducted during this administration but you get my point. Most Nigerians are very good at suffering and smiling. We get easily entertained by shows like BBNaija.  This Easter is a time to reflect on the steel spine you have got despite all the hardship that this country has sent your way. I know some of us have not had power in days. I am even sure some can barely afford data, choosing to opt for free bundles made available by some telecommunication companies. No matter your situation, keep your head high, stand tall and survive.

I can’t promise you that things will get better because of the set of legis-looters we elect every four years but I can promise you one thing: Go to the polls when 2019 comes (If you are still here), make your choice and hope for the best. No matter what happens, Nigeria is a ship that will never sink.

Happy Easter!



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