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Controversial Facebooker cum feminist that always keep Facebook anti-feminists  (especially the male folks) subbed her one time friend Charles Uzor. I know you will say Charles Uzor again.

Mbok leave our drama kings and queens abeg, they keep us well entertained

Apparently Nkechi got wind of Charles sub against Chi-Chi Nnani  (rumours has it Charles is defending one of his clique members Chisom Ezendieze Ekechi against the lashing Chi-Chi gave her about’public policy’ on one of Charles Suleiman/Stephanie post) and Nkechi have had a fall out with the said Chisom (she even blocked her sef) and decided to use that opportunity and send daggers across to one of her ‘besties’ back when Nkechi wrote “I can remember my nursery and primary school days, when we used to do some silly loyalty then. Let’s say A and B are friends, and Y has a fight with A, B doesn’t need the details of the fight, and Y doesn’t need to have done anything to B, B will still fight Y anyway, all because Y is fighting A.

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If Z has a fight with B, A doesn’t need the details of the fight, and Z doesn’t need to have done anything to A, A will still fight Z anyway, all because Z is fighting B.

I dropped this stupid type of loyalty at primary school. Ideally, childhood tantrums should end with childhood.

The things I see on Facebook these days though, they remind me of when I used to be a toddler.

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Facebook is becoming a ground for overaged toddlers to throw tantrums in the name of loyalty.

You carry a fight that doesn’t concern you on your head like a beast of burden.

As an adult, this isn’t loyalty, this is STUPIDITY in broad day light!


If you expect me to give names, then you’ve got a lifetime of waiting to do.”

People are running about like mkpuru amu looking for who get sub  weh i don tafia since (my amebo undercover nature no dey let me rest till I decide am)

She no even let that one chill and she posted again “I dont do cliques. It takes away my sense of individuality. My individuality is my originality. My originality is my signature.”

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Her fans are there concurring and chanting they too don’t do cliques and I am busy wondering who and who dey form cliques since all of us are cliqueless


But me I shaa haf a queshure, since they all blocked each other, how come dey still dey see when they sub each other? Make una no bite me o, na hinnocent queshure i ask so

Don’t worry, Oga Charly must to respond and be ready to read it here first.

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