5 Reasons Sex Dolls Might Not be a Bad Idea

5 Reasons Sex Dolls Might Not be a Bad Idea

So word on the street is that the latest item on the market (sex market if I may) are sex dolls. And by sex dolls we don’t mean the usual plastic dolls kids play with, we mean human size and human looking silicon dolls, with a follow come sizeable ass and boobs to match. What’s more? People can actually demand specifications (smaller boobs, wider hips) and get it done for them. Yeap, you can dollify your crush or that dude/dudette that has been forming color blind to all your green light.

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But then people and by people, I mean ‘Nigerians’ are still not satisfied. The female folk actually. And in an interesting turn of events, even girls that used to vigorously and even aggressively denounce the whole ‘cooking and cleaning are female duties’ and now using the same sexist motto to attack the dolls. Their point? Will the sex dolls cook and clean for you? The male folk, on the other hand, are ecstatic and sincerely could not care less what the females are saying.

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What do we think? We think y’all should chill. The sex dolls might not be a bad idea after all and here’s why;

  1. They’re more considerate than actual side chicks

This number is dedicated to all the main chicks out there.Think about it, a sex doll will give you less stress than actual human side chick. It demands next to nothing from your man leaving you with all the resources. It won’t even try to take your place or try to fight you or put up any of that classic side chic drama. As a matter of fact, it’s nothing more than a sex toy so why stress over something inanimate.

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  1. They’re not high maintenance

Sex dolls don’t demand too much attention or money. They don’t want the latest Jimmy Choo on the market or 400k wig. They ask for NOTHING and in return give you your orgasms just the way you want it. Euphoric!

  1. They’re drama-free

This point is pretty much self-explanatory but we’ll explain nevertheless. A sex doll will not get offended and hurl insults at you for wanting to sleep with it the first day you met it- it’s a SEX doll. A sex doll will not come on social media to accuse you of rape when it starts feeling guilty about the sex you both had the night before. And most importantly – a sex doll cannot and will not blackmail, be it emotionally, financially or even spiritually.

  1. They love you just the way you are
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Sex dolls will not shame you for being a one minute-man or for screaming too loud. They’ll take you just the way you are, they won’t even mind how big, small or wide you are down there. Ain’t this a dream come true my people? Having to finally be yourself in zaoza room.

  1. They won’t cheat on you

Nope, they won’t. If they do then you probably bought Aba Made.

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With these few points of mine, I hope I have convinced you into seeing just how much of a miracle these dolls are. And oh, did I mention that there are male sex dolls available too? And you can choose the exact size of the instrument you want it to come with. Uh huh.




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