5 Things You Should NOT do for Love.

5 Things You Should NOT do for Love.

Love is a beautiful thing, we all know that. Still, there’s a very thing invisible line between goo, unadulterated love and plain, dumb stupidity. Research has shown that 4 out of every 5 persons that fall in love inadvertently cross that line, and when they do it costs them a lot.

Good news however is this, we can help you not cross that line. How? Easy, don’t ever do either of the things on this list for love.


  • Give up your career/ quit your job

No one who has good intentions for you or for your future will ask you to quit your job, end your career, close down your business or give up on your dreams. Financial empowerment is right there on the list of top 5 things that everyone needs to survive; living is expensive yo. Even if they say they are earning enough to cater for you and the battalion kids you’ll both birth, how are you sure you’ll both be together forever? No, this is not me being the harbinger of doom and what not, this me asking you to snap out of that love induced bliss and think! Financial security is not sexually transmitted, keep your job/business and make your own money.


  • Change your person;

    ~ change your dressing, hide your intellect, compromise

By “your person”, I mean change your dress style, compromise on your standards or even consciously try to clothe your intellect with the Nigerian accepted and prescribe “dumb” status women are expected to have. It totally makes sense for you to want to change your wardrobe because you desire to, or because you got a corporate job, but to ditch your skinny jeans for maternity gowns solely because your partner asked you to is (for lack of a more patronising word) just stupid.


  • Cut your education/drop out of school

In a day and time like this, it would be nothing but suicidal for one to cut off their education simply because their partner asked them to. This goes beyond people still striving to get a Bsc, if you want to go for higher qualifications (which you should) and your partner is staunchly standing in your way then something is not right. They should be giving you the boost and support you need and not be the mountain you have to move to reach your goals.


  • Beg

You should never have to beg people to love you or to make space for you in their lives. If you do, you leave them no choice but to do with you as they please and to take you for granted.


  • Cut off your Friends

This is even worse if the friends in question are friends you already had way before this partner came along. Besides, who’ll reset your brain when it needs resetting if not friends?

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