5 Ways to Transition from Relaxed Hair to Natural Hair!

Team natural ladies and gentlemen, where you at?

Oh, you had no idea that gentlemen are also a part of the team natural gang, abi? Just negodu yourself. Team natural is a feminism sontin o! What is good for Nkiru is good for Okafor. These days, men and women have decided to go “deeper life” on their hair.

Don’t think going natural is cheap o! People think it is a recession sontin but dear brethren, it is expensive o. Not that expensive but not that cheap either; especially if you do not want your hair to be like sponge.  See eh, ka m gwa gi something. Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is tough. In some cases, you might be experiencing breakage, split ends and hair breakage. Don’t lose hope. Take it step by step.

Some people have asked if cutting the hair to start from scratch is necessary. Well, while cutting your hair to gorimapa level is not necessary, you can opt to start your natural hair journey from whatever length your hair is at the moment.

Here are 5 ways to go from relaxed to natural in a heartbeat:

  1. Stop relaxing your hair two months before your journey.

Once you have made the decision to go natural, you have two options. Barb everything to gorimapa level and start afresh without a drop of relaxer or stop relaxing your hair for two months before you transition. If you decide to go with the latter, allow your hair to be full, then use scissors to trim the edges. This will give the hair equal length without breakages.


  1. Keep your hair moist at all times.

This is a secret not many people know. Keeping your hair moist is the secret to soft hair, breakage prevention and dryness. I’ll give you one secret though. Get avocado pear, remove the seed and mesh it in a bowl. When mixed, rub it into your hair. This can serve as natural hair conditioner instead of the expensive ones sold in stores.

  1. Let your hair breathe

Some of you don’t know that hair can catch fire. I mean, hair can fry itself! With the heat in Nigeria, this is not a far-fetched possibility. To transition effectively, one has to stay away from the heat. Hair styling tools like curling iron, cheap relaxer for the kokoro side (*side eye*), blow dryers etc. are a NO-NO.

  1. Use more of natural oils to moisturize hair

I talked about avocado pear earlier. In addition, only natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil should find its place in your hair. I did not say groundnut oil o! These natural oils will keep the hair soft, bouncy and glowing. When combing, start from the tip and go down to the root. This will prevent the hair from pulling off or causing you too much pain.

  1. Take hair supplements

Hair supplements are a good way of pushing out natural hair to replace the over relaxed hair. This will make the relaxed hair disappear faster and give your hair that natural look and feel.


P.S: There are several natural hair extensions you can use to style your hair when you have an occasion. Natural hair salons are beginning to spring up in cities and I recommend you visit one if you want to make any adjustment on your hair. Natural hair shouldn’t be that expensive if you ditch the chemicals and opt for natural oils and avocado.

So, who is ready to go natural? Let’s talk in the comments.



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  1. Immaculate

    So I was thinking, maybe I should just cut my hair after graduation, but this seems like a good option too

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