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For those who do not know, Dino Melaye is a Nollywood rapper, drama king and toy lover. Ok, on a serious note, he isn’t. He is a politician of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing Kogi West. A week ago, the owner of Sahara reporters accused him of possessing NEPA bill certificate. Dino was outraged that a human being would question his Harvard “employment letter” or carry out a background search. When he saw that Sowore of Sahara reporters was very serious and that one person had sent a mail to the main Harvard to inquire if trutru he was a student. Harvard sent a reply nail with the words in capital. “WE DO NOT KNOW THIS MAN”. Despite being backed into a corner, Dino managed to extricate himself without any casualty.

These are 8 reason why Dino Melaye should be your role model:

1. He does know when to give up. 

One important virtue of Dino Melaye is that he doesn’t know when to give up. He is always on social media making videos or general trending for the wrong reasons. Dino is like a dog with a bone. He can go on and on about a project and find a way to emerge winner.

2.  He knows how to turn bad publicity to good publicity.

Let’s face it. Someone who is always in the news for one scandal or other is bound to have developed thick skin for social media warriors whose main job is to insult people up and down. When Dino was faced with the option of worrying or employing several aides like someone we all know, he chose to handle the aftermath of that event on his own, albeit in a childish way, making a video and making it trend within hours.

3. Dino doesn’t wear kid gloves.

For you to go far in life, at some point, you may have to do away with kid gloves.

Dino rose to power by moving from level to level, power to power.

4.      Be ruthless

While Dino may be notorious for living an extravagant lifestyle as most politicians, what we can agree on is that he is no push over.

5.  Be prepared for eventualities

In life, we must always have a plan B and prepare for uncertain eventualities. One thing we can say about Dino is that he has a backup plan for everything. When the Harvard  mail stating that he wasn’t an alumnus of Harvard leaked, he approached the V.C of ABU and convinced him to drive all the way from Zaria to confirm that Dino was a student of Ahmadu Bello University with a certificate, albeit suspicious certificate.

 6.  No be every time mature

When the Dino and Remi Tinubu fracas started, Dino left his chill at home and made a vow to get to the end of the matter with Remi Tinubu. It didn’t matter if she was female and her husband was the most powerful man in the country. He matched her money for money, protest for protest and mud for mud.  Learn to fight for what you believe in.

7. Learn how to relax

Dino works hard, robs hard and plays hard. After a long session at the house, Dino goes on long vacations or spoils himself with a sport car, his favorite obsession. Individuals should find time to relax after a hard week’s job or go for vacations to ease off the stress and tension of work related issues. You can also indulge and get yourself a gift to reward yourself of all the hard work.


8. Take care of your body

Unlike Dino who keeps fit so as to be attractive to the girls, you can keep fit because of your health. A youthful skin is important no matter the age. Eat right, exercise as often as you can and lose extra pounds around unflattering areas. Not only should you have a fit body, exercise helps relax your mind and keep you in a mental state of alertness to carry out day to day activities.

Disclaimer: This article does not in any way encourage the excesses of politicians who use their office to loot public funds. The article was also in no way sponsored by Dino. 


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