7 Sharp Ways To Pimp Your Ride

7 smart ways to pimp your ride-www.fifietalkslive.com

Do people hiss at your car when you drive by? Do ladies just strut their big butts and walk faster when you pull over to memorize those lines you grabbed from a movie? Do people get unnecessarily annoyed when your car light comes on at them or when your exhausted exhaust pipe shrills deafening sounds along with the breathe seizing oxide? And deep down, you know your car evokes this kind of response because it is…not just fine? But then you don’t have money to spend on another car?

If yes to all the above asked, you, my friend, needs to pimp up that ride. And from the benevolence of our hearts, we have taken the time to provide you with 7 sharp ways you can do just that.

  1. Repaint!

The poor car has already amassed too many scratches from all the times you were forming James Bond on the high way or maybe the paint is just old. Paint it all over again and you’ll be amazed at the transformation, your car would be all brand new again…at least from the outside, and then you can confidently walk to it wherever you have it parked in public because it will look so good you would be proud it is yours. Keep in mind too that there is no rule for what color to use or not to use, just go with whatever you’re comfortable with. You can go with pink and have people look genuinely concerned about your mental health when you pull over, or you can go with the ever classy black and be looking like someone important, or you can go with ash, or anything else. The paint is really in your court.

  1. Change the wheels

Try going with wheels with spinners in them this time. They may be a little pricier but the look they would give your car, in the end, is absolutely worth it. As a matter of fact, these are the kind of wheels that let you cruise, with other wheels you’re just driving.

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  1. Tint your windows

If you’re looking for something to give your car some seductive allure and mystery then look no further than tinted windows. Aside from the mystery they bring to the game, they also give you some much-needed privacy right there in your car. Another bonus- they give you protection from the ever-blazing and vexed Nigerian sun. However, noteworthy is the fact that this particular pimp method comes with a legal price tag; there are laws binding on the usage of tinted windows. In layman terms this means you can’t just up and buy’em, else you’ll be offering yourself as a living sacrifice to every Nigerian law enforcement body on the road. So to not do that, arm yourself with some knowledge on the subject matter first.

  1. Change the head and taillights

Taillights have a subtle way of throwing some pizzazz on your car. You won’t fully realize this until you go on out and get some new ones. Of course, if you’re looking to rebrand the cars look into something with more zest, go with snazzy taillights this time. While at it though, do keep in mind that the aim of taillights are to help you see and be seen while on the road, so do get something that comes with that intention and of course that is in obedience to road regulations.

  1. Change the steering wheel

Now let’s go inside the car, surely you don’t want your car looking like the Buckingham Palace from the outside and then like a hut somewhere deep in the African jungle in the inside. A new steering wheel actually does more good than harm, at least you can blare those horns with some pride and when the rude okada drivers peep into your car to dash you small insult the sight of your majestic wheels will humble them.

  1. Change the seats

No, you don’t have to start all afresh to get this done, you can just reupholster the seats and go with something sleek, like leather this time.

  1. Put in a DVD player

A DVD player is all you need to add some spice to all the long trips and car drives your job or lifestyle subjects you to. You can even tune in to radio channels and listen to all those nice talk shows your Facebook friends are always talking about. Do keep in mind however that this can be distracting, so if you can’t handle it then don’t bother doing it.

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