A Break From The Usual – A Personal Take On Lieut Kal

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If you feel a need to harm your ex coz you’re jealous over him/her being with a friend, its either you’re mentally unstable or you’re simply a new age kid high on Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. Lol.

Come, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, years before there was a Dr. Cum, yours truly used to be a pussy-whipped, emotions-puking Uni boy that always had his head in the clouds over the love of a girl.

I had this girl, we met barely a week after she left a relationship, she was head over hills in love with me and I loved her like I never did anyone else. We were all over each other – in the students area, school – night class, hostel etc – we soon became talk of the whole hostel and before long, my immediate elder sister heard about it – they were hostel mates (as well as level mates) – it didn’t go down well with my sister because of this *women smh*.

Well, my sister began troubling this my girl and much to my surprise, my babe never gave in to her threats…

“No! I’m not leaving him alone! I can’t leave him alone! I love him. I can’t do without him!”

Her exact words. I heard them. There was no need to worry jare. When my sister wahala don too much, we decided to start meeting only in school – night classes (old motion ground)…hehehe…we suppose go read, instead, we dey go blow awasef for motion ground. Hahahaha… we were in love anyways…

Fast forward, end of my exams, I had to leave for home. For some reason, she had to stay. Fine. It was going to be only a few months. Mobile phones were still a luxury those days. Communication broke down in no time but I still nurtured our love in my heart.

End of break. I resumed. Saw my girl:

“Do you think I’m stupid? You think you left an idiot behind abi? You never called and expected to walk back into my life ehn?”

O boy. She’d changed. Attitude. Everything. The magic was gone. She wasn’t even thinking twice before walking out on me. What happened? I started noticing a friend of mine around her, before I could figure out what was going on. Kpam! She don leave me. Huh?

Worse still, she left me for that my friend and they weren’t even trying to hide it from me. These people go see me for road and dem go look me laff or even start kissing and smooching in my presence. How did it happen? She couldn’t do without me a few months back? Ah…I was her rebound guy. Smh…See, the depression almost killed me. I swore I was going to get her back, lead her on and dump her at the altar – and I meant it. We lost contact.

9 – 10 years later, I came across her, I felt that was my chance. We got talking again. Surprisingly, she never forgot about me. I’d started scheming. A few weeks of talking, and I suddenly realized, even though I was merely her rebound guy, I never even loved her those days, I was only in love with the moment’s thrills. That is, IF OUR RELATIONSHIP HAD GROWN WITHOUT ROADBLOCKS, I EVENTUALLY WOULD HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO INITIATE A BREAK UP AT SOME POINT, I WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BAD PERSON IF THE SITUATION WERE DIFFERENT. And, in that moment, all hate, all love, all emotions I felt disappeared, there was nothing there – nothing. It was as though we never met, like she was a stranger.

I’ll tell you something, today, she’s married to that friend of mine, she is very happy, I am very happy, and you know what? Each time I remember her, I always thank my stars she left ‘coz, seriously, I couldn’t have been better with any other woman but The Love of My Life, My One Queen, Olufunke – I love you baby.

Time reveals all. Years made the difference. Putting this here – hoping this message speaks to someone today.

Be better. Be humane. To be human is beautiful…

Dr. Cum

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