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People can like to shaa mumu sometimes, everybody be forming opinion on social media like say dey go fit go talk am for real life without getting punched in the mouth?


See me thinking Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB kiniko kiniko haf reign finish, only to be disappointed by ndi over do Facebook. They have started again, e be like mere mention of ‘Bia’ not to talk of ‘fra’ emergency cum go begin do them?


A Facebooker Oluchi Smallshow Okafor wrote yesterday “Catholic Diocese of Ahiara, Imo state, rejected a Bishop because he is 4rm Anambra. Yet 70% of dem are shouting Biafra?”

People like him weh have no love for Biafra and would do anything to rope in Biafra to wetin no concern am, went on a Biafra bashing spree day. Mary Jane Chika commented “Exactly wat I’ve been saying..what will dey do to each other if they get d referendum”

Cynthia Amaka Okafor replied her “And who is giving them the biafra  kwanu. Odiegwu.”


Another Bia-hater (choi! I can shaa form something eeh?) Iwuchukwu Stephen Ogugua Ichie declared “Biafra is a dream that won’t come to reality” the poster replied him “Never, i swear never… God wont even let it happen sef” (this hatred is real eeh, heygod??)


Jennifer Iwuoha lamented “Am among the very few who still love to be called a Nigerian.

This whole biafra thing I am not understanding it”

Other Bia-haters also wailed too like Biafra is comoting food from their mouth?

Make una ssshush already abeg, see lamenting like say church politics no dey everywhere. Mtschew?


Then people that have common sense and reasons with it, people that knows that this is a church wahala and not a Biafra issh, came and lent their voices

Olumba Kelechi commented “With all due respect chief, this has nothing to do with Biafra. It’s church politics. Pope even said it ” give the sheep the shepherd they know”. In Mbaise they have qualified Priests to be made a bishop….” (tell him!?)

This earned him several replies from dem opposition, Ifeanyichukwu C. Okechukwu asked him “So you now know better than the catholic council that decided to post the clergy man there?”

Oluchi asked him too “Now are we all not brothers,both in christ and by virtue region too?”

One Onyeka Nwaokolo came and chanced him “KC,sometimes you dey talk what I don’t know, what I can’t make any meaning out of.

Its your Right to say anything u feel like saying.”


Kelechi calmly replied them “@ Ifeanyi: Like I said, it is Church politics. I think u should find out their reasons first.

@ Chief Smallshow; yes we are.

@ Onyi; so what is your point now?”

Oluchi then proceeded to ask a very silly question “Olumba Kelechi and is d church not under biafra? Why don’t you start from d simple things, what do you know in politics generally? Olumba Kelechi so why the discrimination among brothers 1st?” (How is the church under Biafra bikonu? Tueh!?)


Kelechi replied him “Sire, I feel you r taking this personal. Such things happen in other places. After all the current Emir of Kano had Some controversies amongst his people. Some wanted him and some didn’t. So the same thing happens anyway in the world.” (As in eeh, loud it to him maybe he will collect small sense?)


Ifeanyichukwu came wailing again, “This is the major reason why I detest this 21st century Biafra brouhaha. Discrimination among the Igbos is terrific. Imagine when the Biafra crap comes, Anambra man go say because Ojukwu was from our state na we go get the capital and the first president. Abia man go say na lie, Nnamdi Kanu is from our land.  Igbos don’t love each other.” (This same line all the damn time, it’s becoming stale o?)

Kelechi agreed with him “This I agree with u. That is y I am indifferent about Biafra. Let God’s will be done”

Oluchi told Kelechi “Olumba Kelechi i dont even know where u are standing sef” and Kelechi jejely enlightened him “????. Chief u see ehn!! Biafra or no Biafra I dont really care….I just dont want us washing our dirty linen in public. People will pick on such comments and say we r not united. If we dont agree to it, then let us not join in the fight, instead of fighting against it via social media” (Nnam, iga adi o??)


He further told them “I also think that if you dont support BIAFRA, you can just be on a low key and observe so we dont make a mockery of the Igbo nation by this opposing comments on social media. I am not a pro Biafran , I am just indifferent about the whole thing. Let God’s will be done.” (Bless you bro, bless you?)

Another ‘senseful’ person Isreai Okeke told him “No that dioceses have had this problem since inception so is a Catholic problem”


Joseph Ike Onuora also lent his voice “Things like this happens in every human society around the world.  Here in Korea,  there is tribal discrimination between the Hangul’s and Hanja..    even though South Korea is among the developed countries in the world.

Disagreement and clannish strife is part of human behavior and it happens in every community around the world.

Nigerians has never loved themselves from the first day it was amalgamated in 1914 and yet we are still living as a nation till date.

Why do people always expect perfection when it comes to Ndigbo ?” (You summed it all, if only they will learn?)


Other Pro Biafrans came and told him off too 

One brother laik that decided to carry the matter enter 18, begin bash Mba5 people (e be like say dem don pepper am before?) 


Me ayaf vex, let me comean be going before vex make me repeat wetin appen for 1910??


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