A StoryTeller and Zebra Jokes – Tunde Olaoye is #Bae

If you are a Jenifa fan like we all are (well, most of us anyway), then you must have seen his name crawling the credits.

Tunde Olaoye makes the directing magic behind Jenifa and some other Nollywood movies such as the 2012 award winning “Married but Living Single”, “Tides of Love”, “Tweeters”, and TV Drama – Behind The Smiles.

After days and nights of trawling through facebook status updates, slinking around fences and jumping into potholes, we finally tracked him down in his top secret hideout… Actually, we slid into his inbox and ambushed him into responding, but tell us you didn’t like the first version better

Anyway, Tunde Olaoye takes up the #BaeChallenge and allows us a sneak peek into his mind and what makes him tick.


Who Are You?

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My name is Tunde Olaoye, and I am a story teller.

What drives you?

I’d say, “Stories, compelling stories and a determination to make the world a better place”.

Nigeria Today, What do you see?

Confusion, Disorderliness and free for all.  Everything seems broken.

(We feel you bro, we feel you.)

Nigeria Tomorrow: What would you like to see?

Leadership, Community and Equity.

(Is this a sub? If yes, who’s delivering it?)

You and Nigeria: How Do You Fit In?

The irrepressible spirit of a typical Nigerian helps me survive
the murky waters.

The Youth And Nigeria: What Would You Say To Them?

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Leave a positive footprint on the sands of time; do, create, build, generate, form something remarkable.

(Amen to that! But BetNaija will not let them be great!)

Turn On/Off

Brainpower gets me ALL the time; while minds unreceptive to new arguments and ideas are a major turnoff.

What Is That One Thing You Can’t Do Without?


#WifeNotCook, Yay or Nay:


(Nice one bro. Methinks you just managed to escape the doghouse with that. Well played! *slow clap*)

Favourite Vacation Spot?

Home! Because work takes me to exotic locations.

(We envy you bro, we already do. Just try not to rub it in okay? Tenkior!)

If You Had Five Minutes With Your Teenaged Self, What Would You Say To Him?

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You should have gone to America when the opportunity came calling.

(Weh don Sa! We are happy your teenaged self didn’t listen to you.)

Your Lamest Joke Ever. We Want To Laugh (Not!)

The Zebra has more lines on one side… The outside!

(Huh! *scratches my dada* The zebra who? Oya oga, tenkiu for responding. Ngwa, come and be going abeg!)

We beam our thankful rays towards Tunde for being such a good sport. When he isn’t working hard behind the scenes to bring movie magic your way, you can always find him on: 

IG: @tundeolaoyedirect
Twitter: @distincttunde
Facebook: Tunde Olaoye

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