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If you wan jam controversial people, ever ready to preach and even dash you e-slap if required, book a permanent seat for Mazi Ugonna Ufere’s wall. Oga sabi ask controversial questions and sukoi sukoi people sabi answer am wella.

Yesterday he asked with a meme inscribed with this question “Should a baby resulting from a rape be aborted..Question What’s your take on this? I’ll comment my opinion”

Rita Chika Ebonumah Ebigbagha commented “Yes!!! My opinion though. As it brings bad memories. There are incidences that are not to be remembered if possible.”

Ifeoma Opia said “YES!!! Such child(ren) are like scars which brings back memories of an accident you don’t wanna recall. Most times, such children are stigmatized amongst their peers and even relatives.”

Jaclyn Otogo commented “I’m a Catholic and my doctrine don’t support it, but rape by armed robbers or kidnappers resulting to pregnancy shld be terminated… It would always be bad news!”

Osariemen Uwaila Ero chipped in “Depends on the woman carrying the baby. I would advice an abortion personally. A child born of rape is a walking, breathing reminder of such an assault.”

Denrele Jimoh shared same view as Osariemen, she said “That’s the woman’s choice … she’s the only one who gets to make that choice … everybody else needs to not have an opinion …”

Dera Nebo Amalu commented “Rape itself is a terrible psychological injury. Having a constant reminder of it will definitely be very painful. It might get easier after a while but I wouldn’t blame anyone who decides not to keep it. It’s easier to refer to it as murder having never been in those shoes.

Damn, if I had gotten pregnant as a single girl,I know my first thought would be an abortion,  let alone, a pregnancy resulting from rape…….”

Lola Aigoro said “Yes, getting raped is enough trauma .”

Tolu Meduna chipped in “It should not even be allowed to get to pregnancy,anyone raped should immediately go to the hospital and request for cleansing.”

Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh said “Ain’t keeping shit! I will so flush it down and wash my body with Jik”(Jik ke?)

Renee Anastasia Davidenko commented “But I’d advice that one takes pills immediately after the rape? I hope I’m on the right track”

Pro lifers group were busy one side chanting keep the baby(like say if na dem dey go keep am?)

Pamela Amerson Jones commented “Absolutely not, if the child is not wanted which is understandable, there is adoption. It would be murder to abort the fetus.”

Olabisi Balogun commented “Stupid as it may sound. Difficult as it truly may be. I do not think so. I think the child should be given a chance to live and fulfill its destiny. Supposing Obama, Dora Akunyili, Papa Adeboye, were conceived as a result of rape and had been aborted, can you imagine what loss that would have been to humanity? Who knows how many of potential great people who’s been denied life like that?

It might even be the mother’s only chance at having a child, who knows?

The pain will only last for a period, it won’t last forever. I believe at a point in the mother’s life, she’ll be glad she kept the baby.

My opinion.” (This line of becoming so so person in the future is soo stale eeh, so no be person born Adolf Hitler eeh? Shebi e for better he was aborted ni? I haf taya me shaa?)


Ofestyle Bosh concurred “God bless you my sister” Marvis Ishanqueen Michelini replied her “A child does not last a period of time. The woman gets to decide.” Ofestyle replied “There is no decision that is greater than the Destiny of that Child on earth, what about if that lady can’t have another after taking the life of that Child.” And Olabisi agreed “She might even die in the process of aborting the child. It happens.” Marvis wasn’t having it anymore so she resorted “Enough of the emotional blackmail. What if, what if. The woman makes the decision. Period. There are women in Nigeria who have aborted 6-7 times and they are still alive and still capable of having kids. Nollywood is fiction. Don’t believe everything you watch.” Ofestyle told her “The woman decision is murder and that is a sin don’t forget no child is ever a mistake from God. The mercy of God on all of us are different my sister and we have people that have never abort and till today they are childless. We don’t have to do what everyone  do becos we are not the same.”

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Osariemen chipped in “Death from abortion is so so minimal. Nollywood has dramatized the whole thing. Like an abortion kills all the time and ruins fertility. It is a lie.”

Agnes Iheanacho schooled Olabisi “I don’t know where you get your facts from but Obama was no child of rape.” (As in eeh?)

Olabisi became irritated with the whole thing and she told Marvis “Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini, Ugonna Ufere asked for people’s opinion on this, I only just stated mine. Doesn’t matter how you see it, I’m not shoving it down your throat. Could you please just make yours and stop trying to make it look like I’m forcing you to accept mine???” Still Marvis no wan leave am, she told her “Your post is all about emotional blackmail.

1. What if that baby is the next Obama?

2. What if she can’t have children anymore?

3. What if she dies?

4. It’s murder.

5. It’s a sin.

It seems to me you WANT the woman to have that child whether she wants it or not. You are the one being forceful here.” (Babe like quarrel pas food o?) and Olabisi resorted “Hian! Mavis Ishanqueen Michelini apparently you come to fb to look for trouble. To your tents o Isreal!”

Yinka Balogun raised an important option “That is why there is the 72 hour pill. If a woman is raped, the morning after pill is an immediate solution to prevent fertilization from taking place. Why wait till 3, 4, 5 or even 6 months then decide an abortion is an option, simply because one has the choice?” (Erm, not every every woman knows about emergency contraceptives shaa) and Marvis replied her “Yinka not every woman that is raped reports it or even goes to the hospital.


The state has to make sure a victim of rape who gets pregnant has the possibility to choose what’s best for her. It’s about her, not the embryo or foetus”

Lola Aigoro concurred “In our society , most women dont have access to such a pill or simply can’t afford it.”

Ofestyle Bosh told Lola “Madam Lola Aigoro no child is a mistake” and Osariemen hushed her “Ofestyle Bosh no child is a mistake. I beg to disagree. Those children who kill their parents are mistakes. Many parents regret having certain children. We need to be practical and realistic about these things. I don’t know if it is the oestrogens that beclouds our judgement.”

Charles RHeezy chipped in “Osariemen Uwaila Ero Lola Aigoro.  A rapist may have lost his right to live, but a rapist seed should be given a shot at life, after all the baby never planned to come to this world via rape. Some pregnancies are a product of “one night stands” and “drunk sex and the woman may not see the guy ever again, does that mean she should also abort that one? Every human has a right to life, a fetus too, no matter what. Your worst situation today, could be your greatest testimony tomorrow. Like Yinka Balogun prevention is best tho” (oga koro puo biko?)

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Olabisi informed them “I am 47, been married and divorced with no child. The only two times I ever managed to get pregnant after all said and done, I lost the two pregnancies in the first trimester. Now, “supposing” again if i’d aborted any pregnancy in the past, no matter the circumstances that led to the pregnancy, right now, I would have been regretting my action.

So, you guys can preach whatever you want to preach, either for or against, I’ll stand by my opinion anytime anyday.”

Mazi Ugonna had to ask them an important question “Even if the ‘mother’ is a 14yr old? She gets to make a choice?” Dera Nebo Amalu replied him “If she’s 14, it’s the more reason why the parents shouldn’t let her keep a reminder of what terrible thing happened to her young body. That’s what I think though”

Charles RHeezy also replied “with or without keeping the baby, there is a high chance she will never forget the rape incident. If she keeps the baby and the child grows up to be a great person in future, it will definitely bring joy to the mom, and she will hardly remember the rape incident. Abortion is not really an option” and Kandi Brown attacked him “Yes a man saying abortion is not really an option. Abortion is an option. This is a child who is still developing. You actually think the life of an unborn fetus is more important than the life of a child that you’re willing to jeopardize her life? Do you know the toll pregnancy takes on a grown woman’s body talk less of a child? And then what if the child does not grow up to be a great person? Then what?” Charles resorted “Do you also know an abortion could ruin the child’s life forever? Do you think in 14 years after having the baby, and she’s perhaps 28 years old, do you think she will still dwell on the trauma of rape? i think she will be proud of herself. Not every 28yr old has a 14 yr old child. A child does not just grow up to be a great person, you train a child to be a great person. “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Oga just mechie onu biko?)

Nneka Onwukah also commented “There is no excuse for murder. No woman ever forgets a rape whether there is a child conceived or not. This is where your faith in God gets tested. If you love God more than you love yourself then you will obey his commandment no matter how difficult it might be for you but if you love yourself more then your carnal mind will take over and you will please yourself. At the end of the day there is no justification for murder. People think abortion is like going to the clinic to get an injection. They don’t understand the emotional and pyschological trauma a woman also faces as a result of that abortion.”

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Awele Okobi typed one extra long something, she preached “Every child conceived was predestined to be conceived by who conceived it, who supplied the cream, and the manner by which it was conceived. Neither the female nor the male had any hand in the fertilization of the ready egg by the forcefully injected cream, nor its evolution from a fetus to a fully formed baby! Neither can any of them explain how the baby was formed from a mere cream squirt from the man into the female. So they have no right whatsoever to terminate that life!!

They didn’t create it, so they shouldn’t destroy it!! The conceived child has every right to LIFE, regardless of being a product of a rapist, kidnapper, armed robber, ritualist or even a stark raving mad man who was sane enough to get it up and accurate enough not to miss the spot!”

Iloh Peaceful Kosy commented “The child is an innocent victim of circumstance….put it for an adoption after birth, some barren woman out there might need it”(biko how many people adopt in this country? Smh)

Azubuike Chinenye commented a true something “Some people will be sounding decent and modest. Forget all these talks. When reality hits you (God forbid) you’ll do it behind our backs. Most Women are never to be trusted. It is easier said than done. May God not allow such evil happen.” (Amen o, Amen?) Olajumoke Agbebi replied her “you dey mind them?????.” And Chinenye replied her “I don’t why people like to pretend on Facebook.” Olajumoke told her “people dump their babies in trash cans… why go through that stress when you can go through a one time pain and get it done with?? this I will never understand.” And Chinenye concurred “Same here. It beats me. Like why go through the stress of pregnancy and abandon the baby? Anytime abortion is mentioned they call it murder. And I wonder, is sin not sin in the eyes of God. Lying and stealing is same sin as murder.

Next thing they’ll say is, I was not aborted so why should I abort? Like seriously?

Like I said, its easier said than done. When they see rape, and see pregnancy, no body not even post will advise them on what to do.”( it beats me too☹️)

Nnenna Nnenna commented exactly what am thinking “So many will shout keep the child but almost none will volunteer to adopt the child especially if they know the child was conceived by rape. I have seen cases like that, all those that encourage the victim to keep the child, turned their backs, refused to help, even helped spread the news. Some also went as far as discouraging suitors….world people, fear them. Na on top another person matter we dey always turn superman.

Victim’s best interest should be considered FIRST. Her life and wellbeing first. In this case she is still a child herself.

Those that want her to give the child up for adoption how many kids have they adopted?  No to emotional blackmail, according to the good book, all sin na Sin even your own. So many kids are on the roads and under bridges, charity work should start from there.”(Apt!?)

Well, na una sabi o. All I know be say, na shoe wearer sabi where and how e dey pinch am. So no be by blowing bigly grammar shaa



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