Adakeke and Christian Women

Some people can do just anything to be controversial and trend on this space, ANYTHING! Causing unnecessary rifts between the already biased and broken country 😏

Adakeke Ahmadu Ibrahim a Muslim broda decided it’s Christian women dressing dey give am headache and decided to show himself small

He posted

“How come the Christians of Jesus background of the Middle East dress in hijab while African Christians dress like Europeans exposing their precious bodies to the public ?….. Doesn’t it not prove that African Christians are following the ways of their slave masters than following the teachings of Jesus Christ ?”


He and his supporters got woozed, bashed, kicked right at the groin and lynched at the same time by angry Christians (ouuch!😩😟)

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Di’z Sam’u-El lashed out at him “u’re sick in the head. who told u that christians dress in hijab? are we muslims that hide suicide vest under the hijab?”

Emmanuel Habimana (a Christian bro but a closet muslim😒😂) countered him

“If one has hidden the bomb in hijab, it doesn’t make all Muslim ladies terrorists! I don’t think Islam is about terrorism at all…”

Jan Kim chanted “You are a slave too . Yes ! You are a slave to Mohammed the moon god . Muslims copied everything from the Christians . This we know very well . So , you better close your mouth .”

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Others cajoled and attacked him

His kinsmen trooped in and lent him their support

Mohammed Jamiu commented

“We Muslims don’t know how Mary & Jesus Christ (may Allah be pleased with them) looks like, it is you Christian that draws the picture Jesus & Mary wearing long white garment with scarf covering the hair of MARY just like the Muslims women does….. There was never a time the Christian draw the pictures of Mary & Jesus wearing Jeans & T-shirt…. So we are proud to be both the followers of Jesus & Muhammad… (May Allah be pleased with them)

Adamu Mamud also lent his voice, he declared “Christians in Africa are the most confused persons in the world”

Emmanuel the closet Muslim guy supported him too

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.! You people shut nuh goan get a life, keep giving yourselves headache about what women shu be wearing😏

Una go dey alright eventually😒


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