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In the beginning there was literature; the phrase: “let there be light, and there was light”, is lyrical and there’s no denying it even if you do not subscribe to divine creation. My name is inconsequential to my art but if you must reduce me to a handle I’ll happily accept being called ‘Ali the Scribe’ or ‘A-scribe’ if it saves your tongue a nip or two.

I am a pilot and a Flight Instructor, the latter of which should not be mistaken for a teacher which I also am. Additionally I am a Geo-physicist, an amateur philosopher, meteorologist and cartographer, a farmer, an industrialist, and a writer. I am also a human being which qualities me to be any number of different things depending on factors like my mood or the position of the celestial bodies. I feel hard and deeply at certain times, while at other times am reactionarily indistinguishable from obsidian; I am a lover and a fighter, a perpetual student, an adventurer and a slave to my own curiosity.

Summarily you have just been granted rare and intimate access to the very essence of my being, which is saying a lot for a proud Scorpio.

Why, however, would anyone care to be furnished with so much unsolicitated information about a self proclaimed polymath?…

Because I am embarking on a journey of self discovery along a resolutely untrod path in African literature: the Neo-Noir sub genre.

Naturally it scares me senseless to give full reign to my inner narcissist on an endeavour I expect to make public; and it doesn’t help that I intend to publish each weekly installment off the seat of my pants and with no planning or pre-writing whatsoever, so hopefully you’ll understand my need to extend an invitation to interested readers to accompany me as I traverse the depraved depths of my imagination under the moniker “Aliskywalker”… Afterall, my distinguished readers must already know how much misery craves company.

Aliskywalker is a down-on-his-luck pilot drawn into a battle of vices he thinks he’s well armed to stay on top of, but this is one time what he doesn’t know will very likely kill him or at least leave him stuck going around in a vicious circle of his own making. What he does learn through his veil of self deceit and ignorance however, is that while the world might not be out to get him, it’s certainly not out to make his life any easier either.

Feel free to exercise your right to the comments section below as I will exercise my privilege to your feedback.


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