Amanda and Amebo Street Gang frenemies

Shebi I don talk am before say so many people dey bitter for this zone? It turned out that their bitterness pass alomo bitters and Guinness stout join together 🙄

Imagine ‘supposed’ friends stabbing friends at the back? Creating secret amebo group just to talk trash about their friends? Heygod!🙆🏼‍♀

Facebook celebrity, Amanda Chisom took to her walls today to lament and expose the amebo her so called friends (Awon frenemies of laive) with her haters used her to do in their secret group named Amebo


She wrote with screenshots attached –

“I just saw a group chat of people talking about me. If I post the group chat and you see the names there and the things they said you will die of shock if you don’t have sense. I pity you people. I look at all of you and pity you people. In fact I will post all of it so that you people will know that unlike all of you I do not gossip people I call friends. I wish all of you well oh. I wish you well. Even people I have fed, it is well.

I will not come down to your level, say whatever you like but just know that if you all had that time to talk about me you obviously do not have much going on. As for all that talk about setting me up, I will use my hand and set myself up in this post now. Funny thing I have never met any of you but I have been there for you all in your down time. Be blessed. I have come too far in life to be dragged down….”




Comments have been climbing each other there, exposing more of the groups hideous activities

Chizoba Miracle Emenaha posted some mouth-gaping screenshots 

Amonia Stewart Rita also vented, sending Katchy’s fans on a fool’s errand 




I am shocked!

I have chills!!

I am gobsmacked!!!


Facebook evil shildren o😫😫😫


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2 Thoughts to “Amanda and Amebo Street Gang frenemies”

  1. OAK

    Chai…. World people. So much hate and bitterness…

  2. Ano


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