Angry girlfriend bathes her cheating boyfriend’s pen*s with Acid

Asirilovers, una hear the latest one weh dem carry come soshamidia? Mba, no be “An average Igbo man rapist” yamayama talk😒

This one soji pass dahone o, I copied it from brohoe Chukkysmiles Onyeabo’s wall
He reposted “I am shaking in my hands as i type this now. I am so shocked that some stuffs could still happen.
I have a moisty eyes now. I have lost appetite for food or water.

I am so lost.

Guess,this is a warning sign from God that my waka waka and traveling should take a halt. Maybe that is what it is.

So i decided to visit a friend of mine during the Easter break. We had a lot to catch up that it was late to go back home.
My friend prevailed on me to pass the night,i reluctantly agreed because as he said,he couldn’t drive in the middle of the night; only for him to actually drive in the dead of the night by 2.07 am later.

As we slept,we heard a sudden shout that was not supposed to be ignored coming from one of the apartments of my friend’s neighbor.

As we came out, others in the building came out too.

On getting to the door where the loud shout was coming from,a military guy(i was later told that he is), pushed the door open as he made frantic effort to get the occupiers to open up.

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What we saw, to me left salty saliva in my mouth that tears ran down instantly.

With so much pain,we heard a guy faintly reaching out to help him. He was exhausted from shouting.
There was a lady in the room who kept on saying ” Next time you no cheat on me again after i don use knive tear my belle 4 times for you”. She was not moved at all. Wasn’t disturbed, no anything.

Upon inquiring what had happened, the lady is the girlfriend to the guy who the other flatmates know very well.

She found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her(we don’t know how true), came to the guy’s apartment, they got down to business, on the Process, she tied her boyfriend’s hand to the bed and blindfolded him with the thought of giving him head and then went ahead to pour acid on his Penis.

Like i wrote above, funnily, she was not bothered at all.
She was still hauling insults at the poor guy, a spotless victim.

You needed to see the vexation the guys in the apartment had ehh.
The rage no be here.

They were about to descend on the lady when the estate security came around and interrupted them.

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Quickly, they called Policemen who came in no distant time(it amazed us all. Police that we know, call them by that time, they will say no fuel at all and other excuses.)

They picked up the lady and they took the guy to the hospital.
The lady told the Police not to carry out any investigation, that she did it and has no regret whatsoever.

My friend took some of us in his car(somebody that said cannot drive at night, had

We went to the Police station,they carried out their usual questionings and all.

I wasn’t asked anything as they were informed that i was only a visitor.

We went to the Hospital later and the state of the guy was terrible emotionally.
We contributed for his immediate medical needs and we left.

I am just coming back now. I spent the early hours of the morning running around. At that moment, sleep can hardly find you.

I am thinking of cutting short my visit.

For those that enjoy sexual adventures in bed,i have no words.

Hope you can learn something from this.

I will end by saying indeed, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

NB. Please fröm security advises, I am not stating the location in the open but if you want to know,i will inbox you.

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People were shocked and kept asking what happened to walk away? Some tried categorized women as Satan while went ahead to share their real-life experiences to buttress their walking away point

Some people decided it’s a good opportunity to lecture men on cheating while subtly (abi full blown sef😏) supporting the heinous act😠
Zeek Mani chanted “They are both stupid tho, she is stupid for aborting not just once but four times for a nigguh…

Naso the dick sweet reach?

And the nigguh is stupid for playing with her emotionally if he wants to cheat(which we are not sure of), break up with her and cheat peacefully not deceiving her….

Guys stop the tying and blindfolded sex shid its fucking dangerous… Make person no pour pepper for ones preeq”

Ogbeni Masterpiece preached “She should have walked away and he shouldn’t have cheated.

There is nothing an enraged woman can’t do if she finds out that kind of shit, not after going through series of abortion for him.

They are both guilty.

I pray the dude gets better.”


My jaw is still on the floor o….if this isn’t pure evil, I wonder what else is!🙀😿😾

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