APC, Wehdone Sah!

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Before I begin, I would like to make it categorically clear that the ideas and opinions expressed in this post are indicative of the thoughts, feelings and observations of only one person, and that is my humble self. For purposes of clarity, let me state once again. This is not a politically sponsored or motivated post.Now that we are clear on that, let me begin.

Apc, as a party, is a fraud. It is like a house o mirrors, sustained by shadows and thriving on lies. That may be true of most political parties , especially in a country like Nigeria where political allegiance changes like the weather and it only takes a feeling of disappointment at not being given the party ticket for an individual to decamp to an opposing party. Sometimes I imagine a country where the party ideologies are clearly defined, where a person can be known as a member of such and such party, and even after not being given the ticket or losing the primaries remains in the party to join hands with the party’s candidate and make things work. I think about a country where the party you vote for is not decided by ethnic or religious affiliations and the amount of rice, groundnut oil, tinned tomatoes, and campaign wrappers and t shirts shared by the politicians during election season. I think about these things, and then I reach over with my right hand and pinch myself really hard so I can wake up from the daydream.

So where was I? The APC. Okay.

One would think that a party like theirs, which claimed to provide sensible and credible opposition during the PDP era would appreciate the value of opposition. One would also think that a party fielding a candidate in the person of Baba Bubu, a twelve-year, three-election veteran of presidential elections would have an action plan ready and waiting to hit the ground running. One would think that after Mpa Nnukwu’s slew of tasteless and tactless comments, any party would be wary of someone with his immense (lack of) credentials. One would expect that after Buhari had stunned us with an asset declaration that was so obviously false, claiming to be too broke to afford a presidential nomination form, that people would get wise to the hogwash being peddled by the media, that Buhari was an icon of humility and integrity. But APC’S takeover started with the media, so no one is really surprised about the tainting of the members of the fourth estate.  And after openly ridiculing and mocking then-president Jonathan, never missing a chance to drag his name and personality in the mud, all the media mavens and cyber warriors who assaulted and insulted the person and  personality of President Jonathan have backtracked, and are content to simply say “The Presidency”.  Where before they were boldly naming and shaming, these days they prefer to point at shadows. It is clear that some people have double standards.

While we expected elder Bubu to hit the ground running, releasing a cabinet list and tackling problems as he promised, no one expected the president’s nomadic tendencies to manifest in such force, but the media goons will keep agonizing over the epic looting that was carried out by the past administration. No one remembers Buratai, who bought a mansion in Dubai days after being appointed as Chief of General staff, and was said to have a snake farm in  Nassarawa state, or Amaechi, who has several questionable acts of corruption hanging over him, or any of the several others who have looted and pillaged this country. One would think that with the way the Buhari administration complained of looting that went on in the past administration, that his ministerial cabinet would be devoid of any of the names we know from previous seasons. But Ngige, Amaechi, Audu Ogbeh, and others made it, which leads us to ask, was the five month wait before the announcement of the ministerial cabinet supposed to be a period of intense searching, or was it just to let the furor die down? And finally, like the slimy and stinking bug that it is, all who affiliate with the APC become tainted in some way or other. Remember Pastor Tunde Bakare? The fiery pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, who famously once called out Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian church of God, famously known as Daddy G.O,  over his close ties with convicted former Intercontinental Bank CEO, Erastus Akingbola, and accusing him of not warning Akingbola because of the benefits he was getting from him. Tunde Bakare has been a never-back-down critic of any and all administrations, always being bold enough to speak his mind and say it as he sees it. But sadly, not anymore. Ever since his failed attempt at the Presidency as Buhari’s running mate, the once outspoken pastor has quietened considerably. The man who once roared like a lion from the pulpit has become content to whimper like a kitten. Perhaps the “settlement” he was given for agreeing to be Buhari’s running mate has not finished passing down his throat, and as such he cannot talk with food in his mouth. But perhaps the biggest casualty of the APC’s tainting campaign is our own Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka. Legendary for his outbursts against tyranny and oppression, the literary icon and activist, who gave the Nigerian military government such headache back in the day that he had to seek asylum outside the country, has now become a yes-man for the government. This is not intended to be a slur on his age or achievements, but when you have carved a legend, becoming larger than life for your insistent and persistent calling out of corrupt individuals, it becomes something of a shame to see such a figure hobnobbing with the very kind of despots he made history for harassing. The men whose outrage and anger we were counting on, hoping that they would lead the cry against the evil policies of the Buhari government, have failed us. Soyinka, who famously uttered the words, “the man dies in all who keep silent in the face of tyranny”, can be said to now be dead. The APC has killed him. If a $500,000 dinner can reduce an intellectual and activist of Soyinka’s stature to this, then we may as well attend his funeral in absentia and stop blaming the government officials who loot billions. This is my view, and I stand corrected, if proven wrong. Just be sure of your facts and statistics as you come. You see, much unlike the APC, I actually appreciate criticism and feedback.

Oya, talk your own.

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