Apostle PepperThemGang

Biko who else have seen what Apostle Suleiman and his crew are up to? They released 10 pictures of Apostle and his Mrs loving up and tagged them ‘#Pepperthemgang 

Apostle haf vex biko, e reach to vex shaa. People don mock dem sotey dey throway common sense comot begin baf naked for street, still we no wan make dem rest???

Nsikak Effiong wrote “Have you all seen the photos of Apostle Suleiman and his wife all loved up?

I don’t know who their publicist is. He or she is not alright.

Those pictures show a guilty man. A man who has not slept well since the sex scandal.”

Ada Ogbonna commented with a picture of Apostle’s wife laughing while Apostle hugs her from behind with ‘tachid’ face “Especially this one. Lol” and Nsikak replied her “It looks forced.

The woman is the only one displaying teeth” ???

Bola Awe commented “His advisers do not mean him well at all. I have had to ask quite a few times why they are both wearing jacket and this their swing is alarming. The whole photoshoot screams sham!!! Disgusting”

Meanwhile one of Apostle’s sheep weh miss road Sam W. Raphael, commented “Are you kidding or were you just able to come up with your idea of a palatable deduction by deciding his guilt from pictures?”

Another miss road ‘sheep’ Rickson E Richards commented “These pics dont look right. I dont believe Suleiman has a hand in it. Guilty or not no verdict can affect the royal highness of Suleiman.”

Me ayam asking eez eet cool if I name him Apostles pepperthemgang? We play too much for this Facebook biko???

But honestly, Apostle get bad PR aswear???

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