Are You Igbo or Ika Igbo?

Facebook is on fire, as in real fire this time and I’m having all the fun I can get. In fact I never see people sub people on Facebook, the way they have been subbing ‘IKA not IGBO’ group, I don laff sotey my belle don dey pain me??

All this started with Nkechi Bianze’s chants “don’t force your Igboness down my throat, I am Ika not Igbo”??

Obinna Aligwekwe wrote “It is okay for someone who bears Igbo names to wake up one day and say she is not Igbo.

It is okay for several generations of people, for whatever reasons to say they are not Igbo.

We are in the Twenty-first century. Nobody hold anybody for hand.

Afterall, this is an age where anybody can wake up and say he or she wants to fuck vegetables and romance trees without repercussion.

However, do not lie about your culture and heritage which were borrowed from the people whose identity you deny.

That I have my English name Charles, and speak English does not make me English, but I will NEVER claim Charles is an Igbo name. I will NEVER claim Christmas or Easter is an Igbo festival.

The last time I checked, names such as Nkechi, Anwuli, Isioma, Ebere, Okey, and several hundreds others I hear, had their origins in Igbo culture.

If for some reason, the culture you identify with uses those names, uses the same or similar language and same aspects of culture, it means it was either borrowed wholesale or stolen.

You are free to claim Mars or Jupiter as your origin, it wont remove the fact that your culture and mannerisms were borrowed from those you deny.”

In the comment section, people from south south were concurring their ‘igboness’ one of them Loveday Onyegam commented “In Rivers State where I come from, I have had to quarrel severally with my people because I tried to link them directly with Igbo. Imagine that we bear the same names, practice the same cultural festivals and live together yet people still see themselves as having nothing to do with Igbo. I think there is a lot to gain by denying your Igbo identity.”

Nnanna Oketa equally shared his opinion on his wall”Had the Biafra secession succeeded, all these ‘I am not Igbo’ would not have arisen at all! Preach bruh!

Nora Oma Patrick even chipped in her opinion, she commented “As in eh! Umu busu claiming not Igbo as if we begged them???”

Chidimma Egwuenu posted “”You bother yourself too much over people that are not worth it. No one begs anyone to be Igbo but while at it drop our language and names then create your own so that you will stop creating confusion upandan. It was this same confusion that made a coup triggered by an Nzeogwu from Delta to consume an Okafo from Igboukwu Anambra state.

Bunch of confused people that are using grammar to rewire their DNA. Who dey beg them sef?”

Chidimma Egwuenu”

Jimmy Abia also wrote “Yes, you have a right to whom you think you are. But, I also have a right to whom I see you as. Please respect that right of mine.

If you wish to change history and I confront you with the truth, that cannot amount to forcing you to accept my position. It is my truth versus yours.”

Posts plenty! People are vexing bad! And the funny thing be say, if you waka go any of the posts and dare say any contrary opinion, you would be lynched! Chayeee?

I know say I no suppose dey like subs but for this matter so, I couldn’t epp eet o and when Tony Kanu made his own post, I wanted to mad bad??

Tony wrote and I concur 100% “Dear Igbos on social media,

As regards the trending “IKA not IGBO” issue, let me advice everyone of us.

First off…

We shouldn’t disrespect or deride our ‘Igbo brothers’ from Anioma because of some inconsequential rapscallions only dealing with inferiority complex and seeking attention on social media.

Its not worth it.


You know whom you are as Igbo, you know your root & you have a huge identity. Please stop giving yourself a migraine over some of those who don’t know whom they are, some of those who don’t know their root & some of those with extreme identity crisis.

Don’t coerce anyone who doesn’t wish being Igbo to be “Igbo”.

Lest you forget…


1.  You are Igbo, you are Africa’s most intelligent & successful ethnic Nationality.

2.  You are Igbo, you are from Africa’s most thriving & progressive ethnic group in World wide diaspora.

3.  You are Igbo, you possess Africa’s most outstanding innate attributes.

4.  You are Igbo, you are that African who ingeniously excel in all spheres of endeavours and IN ALL CONDITIONS. ‘Others’ only emulate.

I can go on outlining more facts about Ndi-Igbo which doesn’t have mere cocky standings, but have been ‘asserted’ by anthropologists & international cross-racial researchers; Not even claims by Igbo locals walking the streets of Abakaliki, Owerri, Enugu, Umuahia & Awka.

The unceasing preposterous outburst & name-calling by most of those claiming “IKA not IGBO” are some of the reasons those advocating for heterogeneous Igbo set-up may not be viewed as unreasonable or divisive.

I urge you, as “the Igbo”, to ALLOW ANYONE be “the Ika” or whatever he/she so wish. Its just their ‘personal choice’ which, quite funnily, CANNOT even change facts about whom they really are.

Don’t be bothered about theirs; Just be “the Igbo” and be very proud of it.

I shouldn’t remind you that, based on Igbo exploits of unmatchable status, you are the most recognized & celebrated African ethnic majority. What more can you ask for?

Be thankful & keep your shoulders where no-one can see it.

My name is Tony Kanu and “i just want to make common sense” as one of the “proud Igbo Princes” of my generation.”

Gbam! Okwu agwula! Church, mgbasa! Ndi Igbo over to una o

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