Are You Still A Feminist?

Who knows Emmanuel Ojadanor? I don’t want to call him a raving lunatic but…. anyways his owners should bring chain and chain him up cause guy man is loosing it

Y’all remembered the ‘I am not a Feminist’ denouncement that was wakaring around Zuckerville since last week? So Madam fifie, Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie made a post maintaining her age long stand against being tagged a feminist because of her views. She wrote “I am not a feminist. Really? Then you must be a misandrist? Really, then you must be stupid.

*since we all must wear labels* ”

‘Okoko’ (my Igbo brothers wee h-understand??) Emmanuel carry his comment enter 18 sharp sharp, he no even dribble the thing small. He said “How come Lieutenants and Generals that were once dogged for the cause of feminism are now quitting the movement. Gosh is this how patriarchy will outlive us. I had always been optimistic that feminism will be enthrone to being the new norm in my time.” When I replied him with “Your comment is exactly the reason why she is running from the “tag” she can’t say her mind anymore without people like you bringing in sentiments and bazookas aimed at feminists. Wehdone sir!”

He resorted “Omalicha Cee Ezehillz the last time I check you are not one of the Lieutenant nor Generals in the army of feminism, so, who made you a spokesperson. Let high ranking officers of feminism talk. You are just a mere recruit with little knowledge about feminism.”

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Madam Fifie had to reply him with this “Lol Omalicha Cee Ezehillz, if he had even been following me right from when I set up a Facebook account, I have written many posts stating clearly that I was NOT a feminist.

See the problem with Nigeria?

Too many unemployable humans.

You read, but you don’t understand. I can’t biko.”

Even Ezeada Ezenwa asked him to borrow sense but he refused and rather resorted “Ezeada Ezenwa bring your head close to your device so I can scoop some sense from your head to borrow.”

Imagine my disdain when I saw him pulling exact same stunt on Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan’s post this morning.

Esiri wrote “Dear Parents,If you must take a bride price for your daughters, do ensure you take a groom price for your sons.

If you must pay a bride price for a wife, make sure to inform & demand from the bride’s family the corresponding groom price for your son.

If you consider either one of the price taking/paying above a ridiculous concept, then you are thinking straight, Bride price is a ridiculous concept.

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If you cannot demand a price to be paid for both genders, then you should refuse it in totality.  What is good for the goose is fantastic for the gander.



He came with a silly question “Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan when you got married did your parent pay groom price to your in-laws.”

Esiri replied him with “No they didn’t. And your point is what? Esiri is writing and not the parents of Esiri.”

Emmakpam replied Esiri “Go to compel your parent to go and pay groom price to your in-laws then you can be glorified for saying such cos you practiced what you preached.”

Esiri had to tell him there are no existing In-laws cause she isn’t married yet Oponu General was hell bent in personalizing the post. He went ahead and commented “OK then. But if you would get married remember to pay your in-laws groom price if a bride price will be taken from your in-laws.”

This finally earned him a proper schooling from Esiri, she wrote “And even if I were what is your point? Because a thing was done in the past due to ignorance it must continue to be done. Is that how you reason..?

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So if you are on the wrong route to Lagos, and you are told in the middle of your journey that you have missed your way..You will continue on that path till the very end. That makes no sense.

Humans evolve by reason of knowledge and information.. when superior knowledge comes to you, you must make good use of it…It’s shallow reasoning to say because my parents did it for me..I must do it for my children. I know better now..

If I choose to remarry, BridePrice will never be taken for me, my parents know this already..nor will my son’s pay for any bride …

This world was made for progressive thinkers like myself and not for those who just choke down archaic customs and traditions without the ability to logically reassess or evaluate them.

Nothing questioned, Nothing innovated.”

(A resounding GBAM MBOK! from over here mehn??)

It’s either Guy man shut his trap finally or his owners found him just in time to chain him up or Esiri did the necessary and sent his silly ass to blockville, any way weh e take appen, am good mehn??


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