Army Paracetamol

Who hasn’t heard of the recent upsurge of incidences involving soldiers abusing our trust in their uniform by inflicting inhumane and torturous punishments on Nigerians who are just being themselves? The one involving a female Lagos resident named Mrs. Ruth Orji occurred mid march of 2017, and it actually struck a chord deep within me. One major part of her testimony stood out and made me realize that the long held idea which suggests that if a victim can catch a glimpse of their assailant’s number which is usually stitched to their uniform, said victim can have a chance to report the violation and get some justice is wrong. I repeat, the idea that you can get justice by reporting is a fallacy perpetuated by the military itself with an aim to deceive you and I.

According to her testimony, a female military officer who realized the scandal Mrs Ruth Orji’s violent treatment would unleash on the force detained the victim in the army barrack’s clinic against her will, separating her from her young kids, and administered very appalling medication. This is the naked truth about our military and the reason we need to find a new way to go about getting justice from other means which do not involve reporting offences by personnel to their superiors. Simply put, the entire armed forces of Nigeria will stand together against any violation to a citizen. Your innocence does not matter, and their human rights infringements all go unpunished.

Pictured above is a Nollywood actress popularly known as Jewel Infinity along with her oppressor, one of our very own women-beater commandos called Suleiman Olamilekan. Her offence? Looking at the tinted glass on his car windows while in traffic. I’ve been a victim myself on a number of occasions so I know their destructive escapades are not limited to women, but I was a teenager the last time I was involved in a baseless fracas with these crop of uniformed misogynists, so I guess that doesn’t say much about their masculinity but let that be another day’s gist.

It has become clear that the best way to handle these Nigerian soldiers and their hobby of perpetuating police brutality on unsuspecting law abiding civil citizens is to stand your ground whenever they start making unreasonable demands… if they choose to be violent, let them. We should choose to be smart. If being smart offends them, let them strike and then we’ll sue for a huge compensation! After all, were in a recession. I hope Nigerians everywhere will comply and assist with the success of this process by documenting any sign that there is an imminent act of brutality afoot.

If you’re with me and you have a Smartphone, the moment a soldier starts telling me nonsense, I expect you to quietly move beyond his/their destructive reach and start recording a video pronto… I don’t want to die poor, and I doubt I have any friend who does, so know it now that we’ll share the booty! Just please, capture all of it. If Nigerians can be winning about two dozen compensation suits weekly, I think we might be able to sanitize our armed forces and make a bit of money for our effort and pain.

I also implore by-standers and passers-by to assist with success of this endeavor. Let us call it operation ARMY PARACETAMOL. Smart phones in Nigeria are now a dime a dozen, almost every Nigerian has one, and we are mostly inclined to take dozens, even hundreds of picture daily in some cases. Why can’t we agree to harness this potential to secure ourselves from the demeaning acts of violence being perpetuated by our military daily? Always remember we’ll be sanitizing our military and making money for our pain. Whenever you see any officer of the law acting violently, START FILMING. If enough people are filming together, they won’t be able to confiscate anybody’s phone, and if your video enables a victim to get justice from the Nigerian legal system in a civil court, you are entitled to a part of his compensation. I would pay in the blink of an eye for any evidence that facilitates my case to get a conviction, and so should everyone. We must take our safety back into our hands since the military is more inclined to destroy rather than protect us.

If instead of filming, you as my companion decide to come and tell me to calm down, I will curse you and your children up to the fourth generation with that same poverty you’re trying to relegate me to. Why? Because I like money, I hate poverty and I love Nigeria. I’d rather take a beating if I’m within my rights, as long as it’s caught on video and I have enough evidence in video footage to make mine an open and shut case. Like I said, besides the compensation, we’ll also be doing our country an immense service by helping to sanitize the armed forces.

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