Once, when I was in the university, I had the unfortunate displeasure of speaking with a certain classmate of mine. It was shortly after the third or fourth lecture of the day—I am unsure of exactly which one it was.

Anyway, whatever our conversation was that day, I remember that it veered to books. After extolling the virtues, benefits and sheer pleasure that comes from reading books, this classmate to whom I refer to in the first paragraph, said that he didn’t read books.

Kill it before it breeds, right?

That’s exactly how I felt. How could a grown man in the university, who was studying law, say he didn’t like reading? I was truly baffled. On probing further, he gave me a reason that had me wondering if I’d fallen into an alternate universe of some sort.

“The reason I don’t read novels, motivational books or the like, is because they don’t have pictures and stuff. Just pages and pages of words.”


Dude, really?

And I was pained to discover that there are many like him o!

Which brings me to the recent Rivers state anniversary fiasco. A beauty pageant that was part of the itinerary, ended up looking like a badly organized episode of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?” The contestants couldn’t answer simple questions posed to them as part of the pageant process.

But the worst of the gaffes, was when one of the beautiful young ladies was asked if she’d prefer a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

And her reply was, “I prefer an arranged marriage. I prefer an arranged marriage because if you arrange yourself before getting into marriage, definitely, you will not have any problems in your marriage.”


I was weak. I thought, perhaps she’s joking; but she wasn’t. She even went further to say that if one finds themselves having issues in their marriage, it’s because they chose love before arranging their but no brains

My people, I no fit chout!

I kept thinking, if only this girl was a reader. If only she had an even cursory relationship with books. It is good to be beautiful; but if that’s all you can offer to yourself and the world, then you’re in trouble. As you’re arranging your makeup and hair and sneakers and beard, make sure to arrange for your brain to be fed. For what shall it profit a girl to have perfect brows and not know what an arranged marriage is? What shall it profit a boy to be the best representation of beard gang, but think novels should have pictures, as if he’s in kindergarten?

Feed your brain today. Chase after knowledge. Find it by any means possible. Because today’s world has very little patience for those who have nothing else to offer except for their looks.

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