Atheists and Christians

In the land of Zuckerville, Religious folks and Atheists have been on continuous non stop logger head with each other. The theists follow their doctrines sheepishly sometimes while the atheists sabi Oponurise almost all the damn time! Ok you don’t believe in something but you keep talking about that thing, giving it relevance indirectly? As for the RFs, they are ever ready to fight once you wan ‘touch their anointed’ even if the so called anointed is a complete fraud. In fact most times, their arguments are usually just off key eeh, ayam tired of both parties?


Yesterday Darren Idongesit aka Terrorist Atheist (no be talk am o, maka ndi uta?) posted on his wall “Slavery was allowed because at the time it was considered as god’s doing to place one race above the other.


Today, we know god lied!


Misogyny and subjugation of women was an acceptable idea because it was considered as god’s doing to place one gender above the other.


Today, we know god lied!


Homophobia is accepted today because it is considered as god’s doing that the heterosexual should be above and accepted as normal while the other condemned.


With time, we too will know that god lied.

Religion has always been a source of putting others down but humanity always prevails over superstition.”


Joseph Ofobike asked him “Are you saying that if we take god out of the picture that these things wouldn’t exist? That is the exact logical implication of the post and I can’t but disagree with that.” Darren replied him “Without religion there will still be bad people doing bad things but it takes religion to make good people become bad.”(erm how? How does that work abeg?)

Joseph replied him “Another erroneous idea. If I turn a bad person because someone I trusted broke my heart, will I blame religion for turning bad??” Ifee Onuora told Darren “It also takes that religion make bad people to become good. Sure, there is a vast difference from being religious and being spiritual.”

Mukhtar Nura commended Ifee and Joseph, he said “Thank you very much Joseph Ofobuike and Ifee Onuora for your careful analysis, these so called atheists lack wisdom in all what they are campaigning for.”


Ifee Onuora commented “If its the God i know, he isn’t responsible for any inequality and injustice…” Darren replied her “There are numerous other verses showing slavery and misogyny but I wanted one that merged the two ideas;

“When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do.” Exodus 21:7

This showed god approving the selling of females for sexual exploitation by their subsequent buyers.”

Ifee replied her “Do well to study the genesis 1 & 2…. And the liberation that came through Christ. The God i know is not responsible for any inequality and injustice. Even some says it well…. He hates injustice.

I’m feminist and will stand for its cause anytime but to blame God for man’s wickedness… Its not true”

Ndantiobong Peter replied Ifee “These atheist look for every opportunity to blame God for every action on their fellow man. I keep asking them, how can you understand a Creator that you don’t believe exist. Understanding God begins with your acceptance that he exist.”

Edafe Efenone asked Ifee, what God do you know? And Ifee replied him “Come privately and know the God i know”


Achionye Charles admonished “Many a time religion skeptics do not consider the ramifications within their assumptions. The West are yet to fully come to terms with the fact that human spheres can not be coordinated in an atmosphere bereft of (proper) religious ideas. The vacuum they feel they have successfully created we see has been filled by something worse. With these radicalist groups,  the worst is yet to be. All you see may be modernization, but the the attempt to eradicate religion brings in an awful lot”

And Elijah Tolu’ Atulomah concurred with him “Achionye Charles exactly my point. Humanity is not yet so developed.”


Obi Nick-George told Darren “All your affirmation points are good expect the homosexual aspect . Homosexuality is sickness and anybody that found himself  on such path should seek the help of a psychologist. It’s a psychological problem it’s unnatural and thereby can  never be justified” and Darren educated him “Thank you for raising this point which caught across medical practice and as it is now a debate on psychiatry, I’ll trust you want medical evidence not beer parlor talk.


He is a report from an apex psychiatric body showing that homosexuality is not a psychological disorder but quite normal;


You don’t have to thank me for educating you on this bit.


Now that you have the position of experts in the area, do you still want to be ignorant and homophobic?”(wehdone sah! I love this wan?)

Akalugwu Chinyere commented “It wasn’t God who lied. It was men who wanted to play God.” And Ifee replied her “People CAN NEVER understand spiritual things at all… It looks like folly to them but its real!!! These are men’s fault. Our fault landed us in what we are in now.” (Erm h-anty, why would our creator even allow us to make such mistakes that will land us into such states in the fes place? Na queshure I h-ask o)

Ifee Onuora further commented “Pls i don’t know if you are not a believer in the existence of God. But i see no reason you should hold one responsible who you don’t believe a thing about him. You don’t believe in him? Cease to talk about him, don’t hold him responsible for anything whether good or bad. The more you talk about him, the more you make him more real ignorantly.


I enjoy the broadcast anyways… It makes JESUS more real.


Kelvin Chukwuemeka asked her “Did you refer to god as “him” ?” Edafe Efenone asked “And she’s a feminist? I’m doubting” Daniel Okeke mocked her “Feminist with small letter ‘f’????”

Ifee replied them “Lol….. All humans have ‘Him’ tag from creation. That man divided it doesn’t make a thing. He and she are just pronouns which was initiated by mere humans as you. You know why i wouldn’t talk more on this.

You don’t study about God! You guys amuse me a lot”


Tina Onome threw series of questions to Ifee, she said “Ifee Onuora so who was responsible for the death of all Egyptian first-born sons?


Who was responsible for the 42 kids devoured by wild beasts?


Who was responsible for allowing satan access to the garden….even after foreseeing what would DEFINITELY happen?


Who was responsible for the Isrealites raping and sharing women as loots after a battle?


Who was responsible for the existence of satan?


The list goes on and on. The God of the bible is not in anyway a loving God. The bible itself contradicts that. I mean, which loving father creates a place of eternal fire for his children? After knowing even before he created them that they would fall to a higher power he also created. Not to mention that he has the power to make it all right in the twinkle of an eye but he chooses to sit back and watch it play on.


The bible God is absolutely and solely responsible for all inequality and injustice that ever was, is and yet to come.” (Good observations!)


Ifee replied her “Hahahahahahahahaha……

He is not a loving father because you haven’t allowed him to father you.

Sister, I understand your plight.


But many things i can’t explain to you here


Just allow him to father you!

Then you will know if he is loving or not.


But what i can admonish you is this: Allow him to father you

Then Go through Genesis 1 and 2, know his intentions about man.


You don’t tell God how to lead his people, you can allow obey or refuse to obey.”


Tina resorted “He fathered satan. We all know how that turned out. And the favourite son after his heart, David, was a murderer, idolater, adulterer, fornicator….an all-round fuck boy. Let’s not forget the sweet upright son, Job, whose reward for been good was torture.


If the bible God is truly all-knowing and all-powerful, then at best, he is uncaring.”


Ifee replied her “Are those the only ones he fathered?

Cmon, don’t be engrossed with single stories….


He fathered paul, how did it turn out?

After the toture of Job, what was the outcome?

Or is it that you just come up with one sided stories.

He fathered Abraham remember? Plenty people.


He fathered me too and he is fathering me.


You can’t tell how uncaring someone is if you are not close to the person. It makes us look stupid.


Cmon, babe the proof i can believe that God is uncaring and unloving is when you tell me how wicked he has been to you.


But anything other than that… I chose the uncaring father to anyone else”


Ifeanyi Chukwu asked Ifee “Ifee Onuora pls what explanation will you give about kids that were born kith cancer and some very Terrible diseases ? How can God all kids that don’t know anything to come to this world and suffer terribly ? Are you saying he isn’t also a loving father to those kids because they didn’t allow Him to be such to them ?” And Ifee told him “Ifeanyi Chukwu, just give an explanations of how the healthy kids were born?” Ifeanyi replied her “Oh wow, don’t tell me you don’t know that some kids are born with cancer ? What of kids that die of hunger And starvation ?”

Ifee replied him with this “Its very simple…. If you can balance how some kids were born healthy without cancer…. I can tell how some weren’t born with that.


In your advocacy…. Be careful to justify two sides of stories.

Don’t advocate clueless stuff.


If you don’t believe in him for no justifiable reasons…. Chill


I believe in Him….. My life will keep expanding for better…

I think very well before making advocacies…. Good day” and Ifeanyi gave her the perfect reply, he said “Funny enough, I have never doubted the existence of God but, that doesn’t mean I don’t see things that to me ought not to happen. And my dear, don’t call what I advocate for clueless and know it for a fact that people that also don’t believe in God do very well, far better than religious people. If you work/hustle you will definitely do well, if You work smart and have opportunity and use it, you will blow, it’s natures, nothing religious. If you don’t work, with your believe in Him, you will still die of hunger. The most richest men in the world are atheist, the most intelligent, most good hearted are all atheist, what of people make life better for humanity, from giving aids to inventing things and drugs, all atheist. So your believe or being religious doesn’t make you better than anyone. Just keep calm and argue with facts”(preach it bro! Preach!??)

Tina told Ifee “Paul turned out a shallow-minded misogynist.


Job’s outcome?! For real? It’s totally inhumane to think anything could have made up for the torment Job went through and you seem to forget his poor wife had to go through 8 labour pains and poo-packing period all over again. Pity!


Abraham! The one that was willing to kill his poor innocent child?! I’ll pass….I am not an assasin.


Fathering you is inconsequential here. Let’s have your life written out in a book first, all your deeds, and then we’ll take it from there.


Your choice is valid and I respect it. However, that doesn’t nullify or undermine the fact that the bible God is absolutely and solely responsible for all inequality and injustice that ever was, is and yet to come.”


Chika Uche commented “It beats me hollow why a woman, educated for that matter, would defend a religion that dehumanize women intoto.” And Darren replied her “It’s unexplainable just like their religion.”


#yawns, y’all need to get a tight grip shaa. Always bickering and heaping everything on top religion and trust religious folks, twisters association better pas them?



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