Atheists VS Tithe payers over Pastor Leke’s insensitive statement

Its a Bashing spree thing for churchgoers and tithe payers ever since Pastor Adeboye’s son made a huge blunder, as in, he flubbed big this time.


According to the video he posted on his Instagram page, he said

“Leke Adeboye, the last son and Senior Personal Assistant of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has called on the general public to stop writing the church seeking help.”


Leke made the statement in a video shared on his Instagram page lamenting the influx of those seeking help from the church.


He described those seeking scholarship from the church as ‘jokers’, advising them to go into farming and make savings, rather than begging church for help.


“Nigeria has come out of recession but now we are in farming, I would like to advise you my brother and sisters if you cannot afford to buy food go back to trade by barter system.

“If you have beans trade with someone that has cassava because that is the only way to get out of recession because the number of letters we get in the church today asking for help.

“Some jokers are even asking that we sponsor them to Russia for schooling. Why not go to a regular school in Nigeria.

“If we didn’t save earlier, we would not have anything now. God bless you,” he said.”


Naija Facebook Atheists Branch sprang into bashing spree mode, cajoling Christians and tithe payers with immediate alacrity


But honestly, I’m ashamed of such level of insensitivity coming from a so-called pastor. I hope we the flock, learn and have sense😒🙄


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