Aunty Social Media Influencer, is that how you use to do?

I was just minding my business on social media when I saw something. Ok, I need to stop pretending to mind my business. You people don’t believe me anyway. What was I saying?


I saw something. I saw a so-called big Yollywood (That’s what they call the Yoruba movie industry, right?) actress involved in a scandal. This is the rundown of the gist. A young entrepreneur with fashion line thought it would be a good idea to display her goods to a celebrity a large social media influence. However, instead of paying for ads or getting models to showcase the wears, she thought it would be a good idea to give it to a celebrity or a social media influencer (these are still celebrities, right?) to help her market it on her wall.

This Madam Fashion Designer was like “Who do I give this to? Should I do tum bom tum bom or should I just choose?”  I’m sure she probably thought “…Well, there are many social media influencers but why don’t I give it a loving mother, a good wife, a God-fearing aunty, a fashionista, a yellow paw-paw, someone with plenty followers and someone so beautiful it hurts?”

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My dear tatafo lovers, that was how she carried her market and allegedly gave it Mercy Aigbe Gentry o!

Nna eh, I’m sure she was like “…This is it! I don hammer! This girl no n’ofe! After this shout out eh, I am moving to Banana Island”.

Na so my babe chill for days o…yet no shout out.

When the actress finally wore the cloth of contention, there was no STILL shout out. Just all those things umu aka do on Instagram…something like “I woke up like this or Wake up and slay!”

Madam Designer was like; Shebi “I woke up like this” is the name of my fashion store, mgbo aunty actress?

She allegedly sent the actress a DM to include her handle since she has received a free dress.  The actress allegedly promised to re-rock the shirt.  A few days later, Mercy re-rocked the shirt but put the handle of a different store.

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Ghen ghen! Don’t you just love tatafo?

Madam designer was gob smacked to say the least!

Let me digress a little to the recently concluded U.S elections. I expected Hillary to win. I was so sure. The media was sure about it and almost everyone supported Hillary… at least on screen. Nna eh…I was over confident. I was like Go Harder, Hilary! Ride on, Hilary! The icing on the cake was when Oga T.B Joshua said he saw a woman as the next President!

Okwu ebi e!

Now imagine my confusion when they announced Donald Trump the winner. I was like even if we mortals did not predict this thing, a whole experienced prophet predicted this thing! Haba! God cannot fall the hand of the prophet like this.


Madam Fashion Designer would have been like “Aunty yellow pawpaw actress cannot fall my hand like this”!

Ina series of back and forth messages, the designer called her attention to it and Mercy allegedly told them to take several seats in National Stadium. She then deleted the messages and blocked Madam Fashion designer. Madam Fashion designer raised an alarm at the one-chance and attracted the attention of several blogs to the daylight robbery (That moment when you were expecting change and you see confusion)

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Nna men, ike gwuru!

There was no apology and no cloth returned to the store. Instead, there was a hastily penned IG post where the accused denied knowing Madam Designer and said it was one of her friends that bought her the shirt.


Aunty social media influencer, is that how you used to do?

Don’t ask me who I believe o! My work is to report the tatafo to you so that you can make your decisions with all the facts presented here. So from this story now, who do you believe?

The person with the right answer wins an all-expense paid trip the next time Donald Trump tweets something nice.


O ye of little faith, who told you that is impossible?

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  1. Victoria

    Ah well, no appetite to decide who was right or wrong. I just guess I won’t be using that particular aunty social media influencer to promote my brand. ???

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