Bayelsans versus Ndi Igbo: Round One

Did you hear about the mayhem that happened in Bayelsa last week? How ‘Igbos’ were slaughtered (some claimed they might not be Igbos that were killed but Bayelsans… Amagumte ‘in my nwa Nsukka voice’?), their shops razed down because one misguided Igbo brother killed his Bayelsan girlfriend?

Some people were supporting the killings, reasons why, I have no faintest idea?

A Medical doctor cum social media political activist Olutoyosi Omotoso posted something insightful about it and trust Nigerians, they came for her head and that of those concurring to what she wrote.

Well, here na fire for fire so she and her ‘concurrers’ really fired back at them shaa!

She wrote, “Bayelsans went on rampage against Igbos, razing shops and houses because one killed his Bayelsan GF. Ese Oruru is Bayelsan. It took the whole of Nigeria to extricate her, pregnant, from the clutches of her abductor(s). Yinusa, the face that was shown to us, had scores of lawyers and was flown back to Bayelsa in a PJ. The last we heard, Ese Oruru is in Police custody with her child.

Nigeria. The land where cowards beat feather-swollen chests.”
Eric Uchenna Chimara commented “When it comes to South against South, we all become John Cena and Undertaker. When the master shows up, we keep running with our tails and spaghetti Penises tucked between our laps”.

Armed with a bagful of unneccessary controversy, Ranami Afagha oponurized “While I say no to any form of killings whether the murder of the girl or the attacks of Igbo traders within the Biogbolo community where the murder took place. I condemn both acts…. My reason of stopping by is to say that Ese is not Bayelsan but Deltan. The Bayelsa government and people of Bayelsa saw that fight as first a Niger fight and the girls family resident in Bayelsa.. Ese is Urhobo base in Bayelsa…… SAY NO TO ANY FORM OF CRIME”

Olutoyosi jejely put him in his place, she replied him “Born in Bayelsa, lives there but not Bayelsan?? Don’t come here with that shit.” And Ranami retorted, “Am sure you got d point am making..if it’s shit then so b it…thanks”, to which Olutoyosi quickly fired back: “No I didn’t cos there’s no point.” (Oh Lawd!?).

Instead of just wakaring pass like a Chineke Someborri, Oliver Brix commented: “I agree with your analysis, Efe Oruru is not from Bayelsa, she is from Delta state but lived in Bayelsa. I think the anger of the Bayelsans over the killing was because of the mutilation of the body of the girl for ritual purposes. However your argument is well understood from the stand point of southern cooperation but will it be at the expense of human lives wasted by criminal elements for ritual purposes.”

This earned him rapid response from plenty people, Evelyn Chinyere replied him “There was no mutilation of any body. The girl was stabbed and died later in the hospital. Even if, why attack other Innocents for the crime of one. Nothing can justify that”; Eric Chimara called him out “Liars everywhere. They came back from a club, drunk. A quarrel ensued. Bottle is broken and someone stabbed. Girl taken to the hospital where she later died from the wound. Suddenly, ritual killing becomes the story.”

Undeterred, Oliver flung back at them, “He stabbed the daughter of his landlord he is dating and she died in the hospital, it sounds like a broken record.”

To which AnoDavinci Ebirim contributed, “Pathetic attempt at lying and obfuscation.”

Olutoyosi faced Oliver straight up with zero chills: “How does that justify razing shops and homes because the criminal is Ibo, Oliver Brix?”

After a failed attempt to side step the question, Oliver attempted yeye rationalising, “The life lost is not comparable to any perishable goods and shops razed down by the arsonist, hence I don’t care! Wherever the traders are, they form a cluster cult groups. They will think twice before embarking on such evil the next time.”

I see? Ngwanu, undeterred Olutoyosi rounded up the matter for us: “A comrade and a social critic who believes in jungle justice. I pray one day, you’re made to pay for the crime of another.”

Atoh. As the battle continued to rage on Olutoyosi’s wall, Asiri don carry her slippers dey waka round facebook to see where e dey happen so that I go fit bring back jist for una here.

Abeg, anybody wey see when Oliver answer “Amen” to that Olutoyosi prayer, make e tag me. Na that one be the koko of the matter, no be all this ogologo akuko wey no go fit show us where our President dey right now.

Ayyam still shocked at the extent people can shaa go just to justify nonsense, shebi na this kain character we go take dey chant out one Nigeria abi? Thunder ⚡faya devul ?!

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