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HBP dey kee you? You wan laugh but you no know where where to go to? Oya sit down, collect zobo from cooler make I knack you better something

For this country eeh, we play too much. In fact our name suppose be Nige-Roughplay-ia ??

Any small thing, we dey flex power. Ever willing to fight and throw jabs at each other, in fact we be comedians and comediennes for this country o.

The latest one weh dey make us tear boxers and pant na BBN, friends insulting, unfriending and blocking each other over money weh no go ever be their own. This madness plenty for Team Efe and Team Tboss for body, their own 3much abeg

I go stroll Amanda Chisom wall today, I no know when I burst laugh. The comments there? Oh my god! Hilarious.

She posted (with a screen shot of Tboss crying in the BBN house) “And the much held tears finally drop???????. Cry girl, that is what normal people do when they are angry and disappointed. Stop forming hard, you are not. Let it out you will be fine, we’ve got your back….”

Comean see comments flowing, in fact the kain insults weh people pack give themselves for there reminded me of the way GEJ/BUBU supporters were hauling grenades and going straight for the jugular during election time

Ugochukwu Bright Ofurum commented “is it because bisola wins head of house title?…let me be going before they start insulting my ancestors.” Sandra Kelechi replied him “Ugochukwu Bright Ofurum,you and your rotten English should just be going..Can’t waste wordings on you..” before guy man could recover from that one Ezemonye Augusta added “shut up already.

You stink…” ewu chim o, na only this boy waka come o.

Mbaegbu Spiffy Vera commented “I knew she would cry, If na me, I no fit hold am back sef, I for Don request for voluntary eviction” and Uv Found Sugar Valentina went to show her ‘I can say my mind’ sef for the comment, she wrote “Fake tears”and fiam dey came for her head?? Spiffy replied her “I don’t give a fuck, you are not inside her to know if it’s fake or not so March am.” Obere Cynthia said “Who is this found since I know u on Facebook u have not said something reasonable why did u hate her so much do u know her before please be matured for once and leave TBoss alone focus on your favorite naaa haba”

Sugarsomething still went on to say “Mbegbu Spiffy Vera with your 100 wechat you have money to send sms? Swerve abeg.

Deceitful tears,her game ends this week.” And Amanda Chisom come add finishing touches to the whole thing with her comment, she replied “Vera you are gonna argue with a girl who has sugar in her name for real??. Iyalala . LTFL” Lmao???

Maureen Chinenye commented “Tboss the manipulator is in big trouble….?????” and Amanda gave her an epic reply “with your long scarf????” (actually the babe’s dp has her tying one olongopia old fashioned hair scarf???)

Another trouble maker Okorie Nedd Chinedu commented “Mtchew is this the tboss. Just watched how bassey tried to settelel the rift btw her and bisola. The girl get attitude problem mean and very arogant. I guess thats why she only has eno  as the only friend in her life. Her attitude on this clip i watched is so irritating. Amanda ibu my person. Me am not good sha but me and you we are far better than this una tboss. She needs a world of her own where she will.just be alone.  Onya disciples of tboss ngwa attack me.”

Aidy du Voltaire replied him “LOL! Na command?

Enter market and steal if you are looking for people to attack you.” And Amanda put him jejely for im place “Just so you know, you ain’t my person” ooouch! Bluda pele o.

Ebere Rita Asogwa come leave matter weh dem dey talk begin yarn OP, she commented “I really dislike that thing she wears in her nose” na im Amanda ask am “Is it your nose???? She is half Romanian for heaven sake , it is her heritage, use a damn search engine.” Katchy Egbulem equally replied her “Go and remove it from her nose na ?

Who likes the ear-ring you’re wearing?”

It’s official, ayam tayad of the people weh full this country o??.

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