“People that live in Glass house do not throw stone…Be warned Adultress” Oga doki fights for her husband

Asiriloverz o, make una somersault come o. I saw something today and decided say no be only me go see this one alone mbok


Remember Vivian Emesaraonye Dimgba? The lady Obinna bashed for joining other people to insult his tribal men? Una know say na her case Marian buy like gala come drag Genev leg comot for awtside😒😂


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Oga Doki’s wife went to a sub post Vivian made for Oga Doki on her wall to fight her😳

Yes! You read me right o, she went there to fight for her man o🙆🏼‍♀


Guess what? The table turned on her and feminazis scattered the damn thing on her head, as in they trolled the shit outta her 😩😭


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Akant even laugh, na jus cry the thing dey do me. Who sent her o, see as they seized the opportunity to litter her😭😭😭


Vivian even made it worst by making it friends only, so the woman couldn’t delete the comment when the dissecting started. Facebook not only ban Vivian on Facebook for some days, they eventually took the post down, I guess many people loyal to Oga Doki and wife reported the post


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