Between Ijeoma, her hacker and haterz

Asilovers, fly come fas fas for here (no ask me whether you be winsh o, just fly and land for here fes🙄)

Things are happening for real in this app called Facebook, as in things weh imilimious pass imilimious gods. As in things weh go shock you sotey you no go even know where to start from to ‘unshock’ yourself😧

A Facebook feminist/celebrity Ijeoma Chinonyerem with massive follower-ship got hacked 2weeks ago because she opened a link sent to her via inbox (apparently na one of the ways hackers dey take overtake people account be that🙆🏼‍♀)


The hacker locked her out of her account, as in he/she dethroned and pursued her pata pata from her own account o😟

She tried retrieving it but it’s too late so she asked her friends/lovers to report the account so it can be taken down, they don try tire but the Mr. Zucker did nothing about it only for something both sad and funny to happen today…..




IJ’s loyalists and friends took it upon themselves to alert her other friends oblivious of what’s happening to the ishh at hand while providing security tips that helps in safeguarding Facebook accounts


One of them Esiogiemeh John Imodumeh wrote with screenshots attached

“A friend of mine here by the name Ijeoma Chinonyerem got her facebook account hacked by phishing.

What is phishing? Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords disguised as electronic messages for malicious purposes.

I’d try not to bore you with Tech terms..phishing is simply using a tool disguised as a link to harvest your personal details.

Avoid clicking on links via inbox as malicious ones immediately relay your details to the hacker.


*Such links can be identified by spelling and bad grammar. Cyber criminals are not known for their grammar and spelling. Professional organizations have Teams of editors responsible for checking content…and there is absolutely no way they would allow a message packed with grenades exit the firm to all it’s users.


*Portal Links: Hackers usually put a landing page in the link (URL) and this always appear differently from the content of the post.


For instance..if I were canvassing for votes so that I would be the face of Okpa the link you should see something like  



This is a phishing tool 👆👆👆👆👆

Desist from clicking on links via inbox. If you must assist be sure to profile the link with thy naked eyes. If not satisfactory you can look up the domain on websites which provides such service…it is totally free.



Now back to Ijeoma

She is a pain in the butt but I like her regardless….an annoying witty calabar winch 😠😠😠😠😠

Ahhhh…saying that felt good 😊😊😊😊

Aha !


Such attacks are usually in three stages

  1. Spring the trap (the phishing link)
  2. Initiate the attack ( the hack stage)
  3. Hostile takeover (Colonization)


Ladies and gentlemen the hacker is in the third stage as you read this..

He gained access to Ijeoma’s account using the phishing tool and altered her credentials, such that there were no possible means of regaining regain the account.

Smartass 😊

He further tried defrauding unsuspecting friends using her account which is just a side attraction of such attacks.

Few days ago he deleted her posts and pictures.

Right now he has taken her name off that account and the Ijeoma Chinonyerem’s profile as we knew it …is no more.

The name on the account now is Pedro Boros Oliviera.


I noticed I have got over 300 friends with the hacker so my advise to you is that you report and block the goddamn account.

I know many would wonder…Why Ijeoma?  Think of it this way. Her account is a big catch. She has got followers, huge traffic on her wall and this equals many unsuspecting people ‘preys’. Come on, a handful won’t resist the urge not to click on the link when she slides inbox 😎


Oh well.

Our darling Ijeoma had to kiss that account buh-bye

PS: I suggest you set up a two-factor authentication on your account for proper security. Plus, try adding a valid email address to ease recovery as those facebook accounts opened with phone numbers are vulnerable.

Have a wonderful Friday”


Then mouth gaping jaw dropping drama happened, some people were actually happy, jubilating and gloating publicly that the girl’s account got hacked! 🙆🏼‍♀


Kola Onifoto commented “Lmfao

We don’t want her on Facebook again sef” 😱


Esy Chidimma Asonye declared “She’s rude and doesn’t reply messages.” Mmiliaku Milly one of IJ’s replied her

“Esy Chidinma Achonye, no one owes you a response to your message.

It’s her decision to reply or not.

She doesn’t owe you.

If that’s what makes her rude then you must be silly.

See entitlement oh.



Esy retorted “Mmiliaku Milly keep quiet right there. What do you know I asked her inbox? This one thinks I’m looking for female friends online? I’m not. Entitlement kill you there.

I asked her a question, an enquiry. She read it after many days and refused to reply. Abegi!”


Mmiliaku wasn’t having any of that at all, so she fired at her “Little girl, shame on you for going to beg your fellow girl for sex inbox.

I know that’s what you were begging her Esy Chidinma Achonye, that’s why she read and ignored you, now you are pained and wish her evil.


Move on already, no one owes you😛


They kept jumping about laik say d babe bite off their left nipples 🤦🏽‍♀


And when some people made some obvious observation, they came for them


Wonders shall never end! Na so people dey hate people reach for this place? As in open one o, not hide hide type? Homaigod!🙆🏼‍♀


Facebook pipu, you ‘woke’ people won’t kee me for my mama o😨


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