Between Isaiah and Juju Endorsing Christians.

Omoh, this fight between atheists, theists and traditionalists no go come to an end anytime soon o.

As in they haf mocked each other like die, they haf gone from throwing subs and shades to tents and bazookas? and e be like say dem atheists are winning o?


Many of them have taken up the visiting shrine challenge thrown at them, they haf even turned the whole thing to child’s play sef.

Fes, a certain George Cayman a traditionalist abi na theist fired “The fool in his heart says there is no JUJU – George Cayman (C).”

Deji Ale asked him same question on all man’s mind “Why didn’t the police squad that raided Okija Shrine die after the operation?”

Mosty Chima replied him “I wonder.”

Meg Barn fired “My friend.. Go and check your records the police commissioner that led that raid died one month after.. Just saying…. Don’t use that… That you don’t believe in something doesn’t make it less potent or non existent….. By the way go and ask those who work with air lines or ship yard…….what go on there….follow your heart and don’t cast another’s”(onye ka aga aju o?)

Ejiofor Onyido replied Meg “The police commissioner died a month after? I smell horse poo” (nsi efi?)

Deji Ale told Meg “Why haven’t haters of President Buhari used juju to kill him off since? Why did juju not tame ebola throughout West Africa when it was rampaging?” (Erm, juju pas juju shaa?)

Ekerette Ekpo narrated: “A friend used to believe in these things until he got scammed by a babalawo of 3.8 million naira the first time. He went again and lost over 7 million. His eyes became opened and be could tell good from evil. ūüėÄ

Money we were to use to kickstart a hospital. Lemme not even continue sef before I divulge more than I should. Juju my left foot. He didn’t listen. He used to think it was juju that helped him to import cars from Cotonou without getting caught; whatever that meant. Mtchew. A very smart guy but smitten by mythological bullshit, well until the monetary scam. He didn’t even believe it was a scam until I explained in details and showed him how easily he could have been made to hallucinate whatever they chose. That was what happened actually. Rubbish! I would call them idiots but they trick most people into allowing their minds be toyed with through fear. Now, that’s brilliant. No?”

IsrealguardianofApril chipped in his experience “The Same Way You Have Fake Clergies, Is The Same Way You Have Fake Juju Men. When I Was In The World, A Couple Of My Friends And I, Went To A Baba To Fortify Us, It Was A Matter Of Belief. He Finished His Stuffs, Picked Up A Gun Shot At Us, We Weren’t Hurt, He Went With Other Weapons We Were Untouched. Months Later I Was Ambushed By Some Guys, With All The Axe And Cutlass, I Wasn’t Bleeding One Bit. I Had To Destroy The Potency Of The Juju By Going Against The Rules” (hmmm. Una pass me fa??)


Tonye Dappa asked George “So it no longer God again it’s now juju? You Christians play too much.”

Udofia Umoh commented “A tiny Ohiafia deity is to be used to prove the existence of the Abrahamic God …This is very belittling”(it’s embarrassing rather)

Oloruntoba Ifalade cajoled “Was there no juju when the Europeans came with their guns and subjugated our juju-practising forebears?”


Akunna Akunna Jr. Supported George, he said “I agree with you, George Cayman. To say that there is no Juju or (demon) so to speak ¬†automatically renders one a disbeliever because God himself knows about their existence. Juju is real and very powerful. We must believe that. But religions teach people to have faith in God and downplay their existence because it is only by God’s will they can be harmful…. not that there is no such thing.”

IsrealguardianofApril Joshua commented “As Long As We Believe In Forces Of Evil And Good, I Would Tell You Straight Up That Juju Exists. Even Jesus Christ, Mohammed, The Bavarian Cults, Amorc, Eck Believe In Deities That Causes Pain And ¬†Wickedness, The Truth Is Christianity Has Taught Us To Downplay The Forces Of Evil As Ineffective, For Those Of Us Who Grew In The Village We Know The Potency Of Such Demonic Forces. A Man Transforming Into A Various Animals, I Beg To Say That The Maxim ” Today’s Magic Is Tomorrow’s Science” Has Limited Boundary. I’ve Seen Severe Demonic Attacks On Individual That Even The Best Medical Facilities Couldn’t Diagnose. JUJU EXISTS TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT. ITS UR SHOT.”

Anthony Sonmwvayina replied him “They are just forces of nature that some men have learnt to control…you can learn it too and use it for good rather than evil like the village morons”(hmmm?)


Joshua Okorofar commented “Or perhaps the problem is with AFRICAN ATHEISTS, especially those in Nigeria. ¬†The real atheists (whites) do not accommodate ludicrous beliefs. They believe strictly in what they believe – nothing more nothing less. It’s funny to learn that Atheists actually believe in the existence of ‘juju’. It’s evident that these group of persons are wallowing in a profound pool of ignorance and delusion.”

Akorita Isaiah and his crew come carry the matter for head like gala and they have been posting non stop. As usual my job na to laugh and carry the gist wholesale come give una wholesale?(God forbid am say I carry my nyash h-enter such controversy. Lai lai?)


Akorita fes posted “Christian 1: Come to Ogun State and see powerful Juju!

Christian 2: …Or Enugu-Ezike!

Christian 3: …Or Edo State!

Atheist: When are we coming to your church to see supernatural power in action?

Christians (In Unison); It doesn’t work like that!


Itodo Samuel Anthony commented “Hehehe. You cannot command our God to perform like a circus clown, he is not a man-made god!”

Animasahun Victor replied him “I guess he was high on weed when Elijah challenged the prophets of baal.”

Nneoma Barbara asked him “Oh u even know what he did with the prophets of Baal & yet u doubt him? ¬†Make una thank una stars for the blood of grace shed…”

Victor washed her “Gerrarahear jare. We use these stories just to bait and make evident how contradictory the bible is. Who told you we actually believe any of those stories? If I told you I have wings behind my shoulders and can fly anywhere I want, and that all my neighbors and friend know about it, what would be your reaction?” (Oh chim?)

Samaila Ekanah commented “Lol. You sef. Our God is not like that. He does wonders when it pleases him.”

Ojomo Esosa asked him “Ol’ boy, which kind Christians you dey hang with sef?”

Isaiah replied him “Oga, how many friends de your list sef? Or you no de live for 9ja here?”

Ojomo replied him “Ah, you don use ya own mouth open ya hash. Ya problem no be with Christians, ya problem na with “Nigerian Christians”. Which really means ya problem na with Nigeria ??”

Isaiah resorted “I’m a Nigerian na. Where my problem for de before?”

Esosa lectured him “If you can understand that “Nigerian Christians” are more ridiculous than, say, “Swedish Christians”, perhaps you’ll see that your problem lies more with the Nigerian condition.

I can’t fault you on this one thing though. You have seen so many Dundee Christians that you now equate being a Christian to being a Dundee. It’s understandable, it’s a rule of logic but you should understand that rule is not full proof.”

Isaiah educated him “My problem with religion is not limited to how it’s adherents practice it. I disbelieve all religions and gods equally. But the ones who affect my life directly or indirectly are the ones I’ll speak out against. It’s that simple.”

Esosa concluded “Fair enough, just trying to point out the “religion” you probably ought to be speaking out against is illiteracy and ignorance. But like I said, it’s understandable.”


Chinwendu Carlos (remember him from Canice’s post? He don roll reach here fas fas?) commented “Nay, our God now works with juju, he ees not jealous again, hee haf repented. Kikikikikikiki. A tell you, my thoughts and prayer is with them :D”

Icon NG told Isaiah “Roast the MFs”

Akorita made another post “Wait, let’s get serious now.??. When did our ancestors develop this bullet proof charm sef? ??¬†Was it AFTER the white came with his guns and bullets and carried them all to America for slavery?

Maybe they developed it to prevent future attacks? ???

Is that why our Army now has the Bullet Proof Infantry Division? ????

Amadi Oha please come and confirm this gist???”

He made another one still “Christians be like: “You can doubt our Yahweh, No problem. But don’t ever try my village juju o! It will kee you! Fiam!”

Atheist: “So who’s the more powerful god here?”


He come yab Christians kpata kpata “Christian that will use Amadioha to threaten Atheist, is that one Christian?


Okwunna Obi commented “Amadioha is our assistant god joor”

Nnaemeka Ugwu said “I sense fear” and Isaiah replied him “Yes na. You only threaten someone with something you think will inspire fear. But how do you know it will inspire fear if you don’t fear it yourself????”

Nnaemeka told him “Forget grammar. Just come down to enugu ezike and see for yourself”

Isaiah bragged “As if I never go there before. But all na talk sha. Make a date. I’ll be in the East next month. I’ll hit you up.” (Brosieeh??)

Darey Samuel commented “Lol. Obviously, atheists no fear God but them dey fear Amadioha. Chai! I know say fake Christians dey o but until today I no no say fake atheists plenty for naija.”

When George Cayman told Akorita “Still waiting for your call.” (As per to fix date for the shrine going) Chinwendu told him “George, Sebi I deh beg you to take me to your silly juju since you deh run? Who do una this thing o…” George resorted “Chimwendu, allow me snub you in peace.” (??)

Well na una sabi, I know better than to dabble into such drama. But am disappointed in Christians shaa, imagine using Juju potency to quantify power of God? I am ashamed!?

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