Between Tiger and David

Asilovers, this week was a very funny asirified week. I don’t think shildren of Zuckerville have had this kinda fun for quite sometime, as in Amebo waka was falling on us from right left and center🤣


Ok, it happened on Facebook celeb’s wall Jacqueline Tiger Ifeyinwa, like dem tear boxers, bra, singlet and pants gwo gwo…Chai!😂🤣


Wetin cause the tear tear boxers fa? Jacqueline Tiger just like her name implies, fearlessly called out a Facebook friend out over a comment he made on instagram (apparently you can’t fuck up anywhere and go scot free again cause dey wee surely catch you😂😂)


She vented

And somebody married this David Olubukunmi Jesudemi

Ọ dị egwu mehnnnn … Mad people everywhere!!! Tufia kwa!!!” (Bazooka fired!😱)

Angry David wasn’t having any of that, thus he fired back at her with everything he’s gat and vum! Everywhere scattered ni o


Chai! Chayeee! Diarisgod oo😟😩😂🤣

Shaa una go dey alright las las



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