Biafran Soldiers on Facebook

Ifeoma Lawal go find trouble yesterday o, she went and poked sleeping ever ready to charge Lion and vuum! Dey attacked but I trust my bae shaa, she wasn’t having any of that and she matched dem bumper to bumper.

Following the verbal war that ensued yesterday between Ebonyi people and Chioma Oruonye girl, she made a post.

She wrote “Before I sleep lemme drop this one……….

Biafra will remain what it is …….. A DREAM.

IGBOS fucking hate themselves.

Too bad. Smh.”

Some friends and fans were concurring while some Biafran online soldiers decided school her a lil and rest resorted to insults….very typical??

For the Teachers association, Nnamdi Okoh Johnson commented “Biafra restoration is possible, But u ppl who think  it’s not possible are the people dreaming, it must surely come one day, people will not believe it. Forget the sabotage’s, among the twelve there must be Judas. Biafra is real.”

Another onye nkuzi, Emenike Obumneme Uche commented “Can you name one federal government project in your state of origin??? I bet there is none and it is so because they think that Nigeria belongs to the northerners.

Do you know someone from bauchi or kaduna can fly out of Nigeria from there but anyone from the eastern region must visit Lagos or Abuja before he or she fly out of the fraud called Nigeria.

They intentionally relegated the eastern region to the back seat politically so that people like you will continue to make this type of comments.

I know people makes such comments on a daily basis but certainly not you.

Have you ever seen where an ígbo detonates a bomb ? in the market without minding who and who will eventually be involved yet it happens in the north but for you they do not hate themselves.

Shiite Muslims were massacred by the sunnis and to you they love themselves.

Southern kaduna people were annihilated and to you they love themselves so much.

IDP camp was destroyed and the money meant for their upkeep were diverted by a Northerner and it’s all for love.

Okay let’s start from you, how many igbos do you hate???”

Emeka Eric Masa Adonis said :

“The notion that Igbo hate themselves is a big lie. I am really surprised that some Igbos are so gullible and brainwashed to believe this unproven propaganda against the Igbos. The Igbo are the most united nation in Nigeria and we love ourselves more than any other race in Nigeria. May I ask the poster to provide proof how the Igbos hate themselves ? We must desist from making post against ourselves. For me this post makes no sense. It is nothing but crap. And Biafra is a reality. On Biafra we stand.”

Nwa teacher Okwor Kingsley Uchenna commented “It will Neva remain dear, no tribes in dis world loves themselves, there must be hatred.things are not happening but things are made to happen.”

Ekene Aghaji ended the teaching session with “Nothing concerns Biafra with girls dissing on Facebook.”

For the ‘I must everybody that doesn’t share same view with me’ Association, Mmasinachi Praise in reply to a meme of a man standing with a cane hidden at his back while knocking on a door said “no need for that just go and check her photos u will be amazed at what u will see ,one she’s not the one on her profile ,she’s simply nothing but a person’ housemaid looking for cheap popularity ,ave spoken let her come and beat in my house since she can open her mouth to say anything am waiting for her mtcheeeeew”

Shioor! Who vex this one? Na so me and Chukwuebuke Oluwatobiloba Kaduna sent her to cleaners o, I told her “Mmasinachi that’s really uncalled, she is somebody’s wife and a mother to two lovely boys

Attack her post with facts and not her person, nawa!”

And Chukwuebuke told her: “Mmasinachi Praise you don’t have respect for the human person… You are a very big fool!… I checked your profile and it says, it’s been God all the way.. You see ehn, many of you Christians are sick!… You carry God on your head yet talk or treat humans like trash.. How did you feel typing that nonsense you typed?!… Even if the person is a Maid, how are you better? Or is your own 6 feet below the ground a special kind??… You come on someone’s post, she didn’t invite you, she only stated her opinion, but because it didn’t sit well with you, you decided to call her names!… You are very nasty and you lack manners!”

Ifeoma still came and dry cleaned her, she said:

“Mmasinachi Praise I would have replied you but it’s obvious that the fats in your body have covered many parts of your brain that’s why you couldn’t make your own comment. You have to come under another person’s comment to talk trash.

Sweetie, come let me employ you in my house. I need the services of a fat maid like you.

Come back and insult me when you have burned all the fats covering your brains.

Useless piece of shit. You’d so lucky to look like me after having two kids.

Now sef, if me and you stand, I’m sure your hungry boyfriend and your numerous sugar daddies wouldn’t even look at your side twice.

I don’t roll with pigs like you, so I wouldn’t even stand beside you.

You are waiting for me abi? See this idiot ooo.

Don’t be a coward ooo. Reply whenever you see this comment.

Useless girl.” ???

Next time she go learn how to be diplomatic when commenting???

One even asked Ifeoma to change her surname fes Luminar Nedo commented “And you do the cause a great good with this post? Please can I request you replace your first name with something that rhymes with the last?”

That was how they were going back and forth until one Yoruba guy decided to shook mouth inside the matter, na im dey leave Ifeoma come face the guy.

The guy, Olajiga Olusegun John commented “Statement of fact!… Just like I always tell sm of my Igbo friends; . A typical igbo man is very good in trade, very good in opportunity, very good educationally, very rich in customs, yet very individualistic. When you reason with some, very similar to these IPOB idiots who roam around these parts, you will realise you are talking to a person who is politically daft., who in 30 seconds will mention buhali, buhali , buhali so many times that you marvel if he is under a spell. He will be unable to have any real political discourse with you on any issue. The igbos can’t compete politically in the nigerian structure and thus think it easier to form a biafra with minority groups they can dominate.”

Nelson Kalusha DaFreeman replied him “Stop the Hate and get a Life Mr. “Unique Nigerian” , it won’t lead you anywhere Trust me!!!”

Elder Uche Nwoke commented “Its not ur fault” and Ifeanyi Anyanwu concluded “Nelson Kalusha DaFreeman, if one does not have a low opinion of himself a stranger will not insult him, leave that Yoruba man alone, no be him fault, if your sister did not start insulting herself, the Yoruba man will have no basis to insult you.”

Ifeoma still made another post and told them “Before I go back to continue my sleep. ……

To all the Biafran agitators crying on my last post. ……. you people should look for the nearest lagoon and jump inside.

Who una wan open eyes for?

It’s like you people are mad.

BIAFRA IS A DREAM. ……. IGBOS ARE NOT UNITED…….. Go and hang yourselves. Nonsense.”

Ifeoma lucky shaa say Charles Ogbu no see the post, cause if he see am…. her name go be…..(fill in the blanks at your own risk???)


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  1. Joan Oji

    We interviewed a 32-year-old successful business man for our church magazine’s current issue. I threw up the Biafran agitation and sought his view.
    “Have you seen any serious person among the agitators?” he asked us. “Those boys should go and find something to do… “

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