Bimbo’s Conception on Yorubas, “The Dirtiest Race”.

Trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am! Some people no sabi talk, dey go dey for where dem dey form opinion begin do broad daylight stereotyping. Annoying thing be say na intentional something, dey just wan trend or find wahala

Benny Umoren reposted a post made by one Aunty with triple experience in Yoruba men matters, she wrote “She has come again o. Kuku kee me this woman. Why are you like this Bimbo Oke? Is this how you want to start the 3rd world war on my wall? Hear her?

Yoruba is the dirtiest tribe in Africa, sorry Nigeria

I am not going to put any percentage to it, I will generalize. what percentage do I put when 1 in 20 men is neat and 10 in 100 of their women is clean. The Ibadan boys are worse off

If you like insult my great grandfather, Yorubas are dirty. There is this Ibadan boy back then in my dorm that wore a boxer from January to December. I have never seen him spread the boxers out to wash. He was always smelling like a rotten fish. OMG! Yoruba boys are lazy especially those Ibadan boys. Their mouth odour is not here at all.


Yoruba women nko? Let’s not even go there. I remember what my friends used to gist me back then that once their grandma sat down to do Shuku hairstyle for them, Kai the heated odour that oozes out could suffocate.


Don’t tell me it is in all tribe , it is more of one tribe than the other .

Imagine at the waiting room in Immigration office Ikeja where many were seated, a woman was changing her baby poopoo diapers and the officers were correcting her to go to a corner outside . she replied ‘ Shebi baby ni ‘ Shebi eyin na bimo ‘ Oro Oshi lenu eiye . I was embarrassed as a Yoruba woman. the Igbotic guys there insulted her well.

See my friend mistakenly spilled her vegetable soup on the floor, a very dirty floor where people are stepping on, flies flying everywhere. She packed it and dished her babies. served the vegetables on their rice. the children were complaining of stones.

This isn’t just happening, Yoruba’s are lazy bums. lazy men that cannot wash ordinary boxers, lazy Yoruba men that finds it difficult to brush before eating. to shave their armpit is a work for them. Ask a Yoruba man to raise his arms up, na dirty hair go full am with sweat . I am not just talking, I know and have seen a lot happening around.

Look around you, see those Yoruba women selling fruits , sherry ,mango . Yoruba won’t bother to wash their fruits before placing on sale but check that Hausa man pushing wheel barrow selling mango or Agbalumo, the difference is so clear . Awon Obun deede .

Before you insult me, I am one of the neatest Yoruba woman and the men in my life are so so neat. we are the 1 in every 10 Yoruba. . You can go on and insult my fore fathers but this is the truth.

Good night…???????” (Imagine bikonu? Shiaa?)

One Yoruba guy, Adegbisi Olorunfemi agreed with her “You’re not too far from the truth.” (Eeh? Make I kuku shut up be dat?)

When one Igbo boy Chinwendu Kingsley came and carried the matter for head “I am sure she was jilted by an Ibadan boy…nonsense”, one Chike Biafra cautioned him “u want to buy the case? even a fellow Yoruba commented…Adebisi Olorunfemi Isaac You’re not too far from the truth….Oya go and brush your teeth!” (Lmao?) but Chinwendu educated him shaa “It is not only a bad form but sheer ignorance to generalize and lump people together.” (true that..?)

Obot Etuk commented “In sociology class, we were taught “”Stereotype”” …. The lecturer then said ” The dirty Yorubas. The money minded Igbos, The cattle rearing Hausa’s…. Hehehehe. So my lecturer was right?” (As in eeh, stinky stereotyping?)

Then a Yoruba brother Fleming Olola Olaitan came gun blazing “Of course yorubas are dirty.

Since she has the dirtiest parents ever she will assume everybody are same.

I bet she even mosquitos will vomit and purge if they mistakenly suck the stinking stench she is carrying upandan as body”

Another Yoruba Brother, Oluwasoga Akinmade declared “One of those products of unusually bad upbringing you find in a few Yoruba homes.”

Filled with plenty sense, Joseph Akpan tried educating the woman “Hmmm! Young woman, don’t you think you are going too far!

Hope you know that you will still have many likes and comments even if you are abusing your parents or even post your nude pictures on Facebook, but are they really speaking well of you? Remember you are in a public place and I think you must be a single lady, don’t get carried away by the numbers of comments or likes you have to humiliate your people, the norms is that a homely person should be able to protect his/her home, I challenge the people supporting you here to come out and ridicule their own people so you can also like and comment.

Please don’t wash your dirty linen outside! Try and protect your own, your people are not worst” (well said bro!)

Ayam still trying to figure out the purpose of her stereotyped post, the dirty awareness she is creating who e go epp? If na my Igbo sister she be, I for don call am small efule..?


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One Thought to “Bimbo’s Conception on Yorubas, “The Dirtiest Race”.”

  1. Tolu Ogunrinde

    ? ? ? OK this was a funny read. Me thinks that some people out there are attention seeking whores. And they’d do anything for the likes and validation of social media.

    She’s speaking from her own dirty experience… And certainly does not speak for the whole tribe.

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