Bitter leaf Guy

Asilovers, Its about time I came to the conclusion that some people are just Joy-Killers, as in they drink from a river sprinkled with bitter leaf!

Yesterday Nigerians were super happy cause our boys made us really proud, they melted the ice-block guys with 2 goals courtesy of Musa dearest😍💃🏽😘

Jokes and laughter has been the other of the day on nooks and crannies of social media, Dee Zuckerville’s streets involved.


Na him one Onye Asai Kosi Ugo overflowing with mmiri onugbo decided to be silly small


He wrote

“Why do Nigerians like messing their lives up?

What exactly was the whole fuse about Musa about?


He scored two goals and so? Is that why you suddenly forgot the name your parents gave you and chose to answer Musa?

Just for two goals? What if he had scored a hat-trick? Maybe by then, you’d change your father’s name from Ichie Odumegwu to Alhaji Musa.

Some stupid girls even used his picture as their DP claiming he was their long-lost boyfriend from another mother…..

What fuckery?!

For once you Nigerians should reason like people who God gave functional brains. Not every trend is trendy, some of them just reek of stupidity.”


Guess what? Nigerians finished him! They called his BS straight up to his face👏🏽


Mbok this wan deserves to be fed with 20gallons of Sugarized water o, maybe e go dilute the concentrated bitter leaf water in his system


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