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Ife na emekwa for this life o! These gods of men tagged Men/Women of God are committing atrocities everyday and getting a way with it. I’m glad people are speaking up these days even though ardent believers still want to hush them.Blessing Mary Ochiedo shared her experience with pastors today on her wall, she wrote “MY horrible experiences with ‘MEN OF GOD.’ PART ONE

It was in the year 2009. I was in pre-undergraduate school in Funtua, Katsina State when one of those vibrant and bursting-with-the-Holy-Ghost student pastors came all the way from the University Campus in Zaria to conduct a church programme.

At that time, I was also a firebrand Christian who could not afford to miss any gospel-related event so I went for this lady’s program as well. On getting to the venue, I was directed to the front pew even though I protested. I didn’t know that they were lining me up for a ‘miracle exercise.’

Soon after the sermon, the lady pastor asked all those in need of healing to come out as she wanted to perform some healing miracle on them. I remained seated because well, I wasn’t looking for any kind of miracle. On seeing that I had remained seated, she came and asked me to stand up.

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“No, I’m fine,” I whispered abashedly because I was fast becoming the centre of attraction.

“Why not? Stand up my dear sister. God wants to heal you today. Healing is His children’s bread and by his stripes we’re healed,” she insisted.

Because she was already creating a scene, I stood up, she held up both of my hands and we began to walk slowly. Soon, I grew tired, my legs were shaking and I told her I needed to go back to my seat.

The program ended and  I thought that was it.  Two weeks or so later, a young man, who was also a student at SBRS just like me, began to send some ladies to me that he wanted to talk. I finally granted him audience and after all the pleasantries, he informed me that he wanted to help me build my faith in God.

I was a bit confused because at that time I was a very serious Christian, one that people came to for solutions and guidance. I was fasting almost all the time and I had even become born again at the age of 9. So I wondered why this guy thought I needed some faith building classes but I held my peace.

Not long after, I began to hear rumours that the lady pastor had gone around telling people that when she laid her hands on me, I began to walk but I lost faith along the way that’s why the miracle was reverted.

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I was shocked and deeply offended that this lady would go around peddling lies about me simply because she was humiliated that her God had not been able to heal me. Thus it was my fault. I lacked faith…

Unfortunately this is what most of these so called men of God do, they spread false tales of miracle and when they are caught at their games, they blame the lack of miracle on a lack of faith. Disgusting, creepy lots.”

People were sharing their experiences there, one of the ‘sharers’ Ekpenyong Dickson commented “God will forgive me sha. Back then in school i was broke and had nobody to help me,was really feeding from hand to mouth and I was far away from home. Then I met one new generational pastor and promised to help me but i have to fake as if I was blind at his crusade ,that he will be helping me financially. Mehn I had to fake like a blind man just to convince people that he is for real and has power. Fear some so called men of god. One of those shitty things that I’ve done.”

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For real? Wonders shaa never end o????????

Olowookere Tosin for the ‘pastors are not bad’ group commented “There are still some good ones blessing though we have so many false pastors and prophets especially in this end time, knowing GOD by yourself is the best thing that can ever happen to you”

To this, Blessing replied : “I don’t care really” and one of the ‘knowers’ of Blessings back in her spiritual churchy years replied ” Really don’t care? Am confused B dear cos you know, I used to know you differently.maybe times have changed and a lot has happened but God is still God.”

Oloowookere still went further to say “Thanks Esther, I think my blessing is over familiar with GOD and knows much abt doctrine/religion but you can’t underestimate the place of GOD in everything you do sweetheart” nawa o.

The thing come pepper Blessing for body and she resorted “Can you guys stop it already?! This post did not call for your preaching. Learn to keep your proselytizing to people who want it.”??

These over familiar pipus won’t let someone flex muscle in peace without bringing up past weh don pass ???

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