Blockers And Blockville

Una remember that H-anty ‘you know nada about my tribe’ weh dey rant for Zee Ibrahim’s wall yesterday about ‘solly’ not been an Igbo tongue? H-angry h-anty don send Madam Zee to Blockville straight up.

Una think say h-Aunty came here to play? Mbanu, maybe her temper go come down fa before e boil reach boiling point??


Zee wrote “I have been blocked!??

I have Hypertension and Diabetes coz of that! On top my experience fa! Please someone call 911”


Other over serious h-individuals like the other h-anty came calling in the comment session, their secretary Woow Kidz commented “Not surprised, immediately I read your post I knew the mother won’t like it. You talk about her and her kids on Facebook.  Too public!!!! I know you meant no harm it was obvious but she might not see it that way. You know we are all different.”

Zee replied him abi her (some people name shaa) “Woow Kidz, She is not their mother. They are not related.. I don’t know the madam ifeoma.. The little boy is a patient of mine at work.

Please read well before you make conclusions.”

Another member of h-angry association Kingson Nwabueze Osuji commented “I don’t like that story either. I just saw it now. It’s an insult”

Well, am sure Oga go ask imsef wetin carry am go that thread that day cause dem put am for kindergarten teach am reach Nysc over night??


Jacqueline Ifeyinwa Ibeh replied him “Which kind of insult is that? Where’s the insult? Somebody cannot narrate their experience again? Hian!!!”

Zee told him “Kingson Nwabueze Osuji, you going to have to go get a bottle of chilled water or coke or beer to cool off..

I honestly can’t help you.!!”


Olu Bunmi asked him “‘She offended the sensitivity of the people of that tribe’ – for real? People are so sensitive? They did not see the positivity of that story that these boys are speaking Igbo when so many children nowadays cannot speak it?”

Madam fifie replied him “This one was too sensitive biko. What’s wrong with an Igbo accent? I have a slight one, heaven never fall.


Nearly everyone has an accent, it’s no biggie.


Even the Americans have one and the English have one. They hardly understand each other when they speak.


The French do, the Germans do.


Why are we ashamed of speaking like who we are – Igbo men?”

Catherine Channah asked him “All these people with “ndi igbo” mentality. Ogini di? we stress issues unnecessarily just to instigate disunity everywhere. Ozugo nu biko.”

H-angry Oga Kingson decided to shush her with “Catherine gaa noo jii.. ifele adi eme gi.” And Anty Catty sent him to the cleaners sharpely, she tell am “Kingson Nwabueze Osuji ifele adi eme m?(i have no shame?) nwoke nwanyi. market woman. holy defender of igbo accent with british undertone. warrior of igbo accent. mkpi”



Kingson resorted “Call your hubby mkpi if you have one. Born throway efulefu. Umu okoko amuru na ala awusa.?I will bring you down in few seconds if you don’t calm down. Jukwase! I’m not joking ☹️”


Catty called him bluff”Kingson Nwabueze Osuji taaaa gbafuo…agadi”


Kingson carry am enter 18 sharp sharp “Leenu agadi na agwo ofe dika gi. Otu gbara wrinkle. Taaaaaah daba na gutter?Asim otu safe, iwu ikpu gbara wrinkle.. go and buy alum. It will help you a lot. Lele almajiri nkita.”

(Apparently he ‘I will bring you down in seconds’ na to shame her with her ‘otu’. Efule Oponu of a man??)


They are still at it, cursing each other out with the Efule Oponu going lower and lower. He even called the babe ‘Osu’ and he claims he is fighting for Igbos?


On behalf of Igbos, we disown him. We are better than what he is showcasing biko??

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