Blow Ya Horn

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Good morning Naija people, how una horn?… No, seriously!

Since all of una feel say na ya papa get road, make una no make any effort learn how to drive atall atall, no need sef to repair ya motor make e dey road worthy, just carry ya jalopy enter road begin drive like Mr Ibu on a Sunday afternoon, then when that pedestrian wan cross road, press ya horn till the person run enter bush; The Baskard!!!

If ya brake no dey too work, no problem; afterall na horn wen Baba Moseh take clear the Red sea abi you never read ya bible reach that side?As him and hin people reach there see say road no dey na hin him raise hin stick knack the water for the place wen Baba Godeh tell am say Angel Nosa mount horn put… as the horn blow “PIOOOOOO!!!” Both fish o, water o, mami- ati papi-water, all of them find their levels.

Meanwhile the ‘Nigerian High-way code’ wen talk say na flashing of light dem dey use alert other road users say you dey road for night no sha get sense. “The Nigerian WHAT???…” Na so!… you get drivers license (a.k.a driving nonsense)but you never read Nigerian Highway code abi? anyway.

Afterall, if you blow horn confuse person soteh hin enter bush or get accident how that one take concern you?

Person comot from office wan enter road begin go hin house but you no get time to give am chance? Blow ya horn!…

Those children wan cross road go school? What nonsense? Blow ya horn!…

Yellow fever dey raise hand say e don do una make another people come pass when you never pass? Haba! Blow ya horn!…

You wan park block person gate and the baskard dey blow horn make you comot road make e come begin go work? Worki ko? Worki ni? Blow ya horn jare!…

You wan cut for person front but the person just dey maintain hin lane jeje-ly? For this Naija abi? Blow ya horn!…

You dey traffic jam? Nobody get chance to move go anywhere? If I hear!!! My brother, My sister… Blow ya horn!…

Forget say Naija don dey hot pass hell fire these days, people dey vex say money no dey to buy chop put for house, fuel don dey cost pass motor so everybody don off amana chillers whind-down all their window make small breeze fit to touch their head before their brain go burst for inside trafiic… how that one take concern you??? see wahala o! Abegi!!! Draw your motor come near everybody window and BLOW YA HORN!!! No be WAKA dem dey show you so, no nah! Na Naija salute be dat. How person go take show you WAKA for your own papa road? Them no hear say na your horn loud pass?

Na why I say before you start your motor begin talk say you wan go anywhere for this our Naija, first confirm say na your horn loud pass or else how them go take sabi say you don dey comot go inspect the full length and wideness of your inheritance with your motor?

Mama and Papa, my Brother my Sister, Oga-Madame, when all else fails in this Naija, no worry ya head as long as you still get horn to blow.



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  1. samaila Balkisu

    Lovely post,wei make plenty sense for person Wei sabi deciphar am.

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