Believe it or not, pepper body don dey do us too much for this country. In fact the Recession is taking a serious toll on Nigerians, the thing don ad sotey our sense of humor don corrode finish! 


So a facebooker Zee Ibrahim made a post today and ‘Humorless humans of Facebook’ took it up, dissected it and is trying to turn it into Tribal war again. Nawa o


Zee wrote “Just had a mom with two cute boys now.. Both boys with thick Igbo accent..


They are so cute and sound cute with the way they talk. I was cracking up with their mom.. Born here but not in school yet so they have Igbo accent.


I told the little one to stop making noise the older one said, he can’t stop making noise lol..


I asked him why? He said because they make noise in their house and they love to make noise at home..???


Mom was embarrassed but I quickly said to him, he will get an headache if he continued and we all laughed it off.


Between him and his brother, he had to say sorry and he said solly( Igbo accent)… I just had to high five him.. sounded so cute loll..


Enjoy your evening everyone..”


Uncle seriousness Yemi Fatoba fes commented “American has American accent, English has English accent therefore it ain’t a peculiar mess for igbo boys to have igbo accent. Let’s celebrate the “thick” igbo accent now before they lose it.”


Zee replied him”Yemi Fatoba, and whatever made you think I wrote this to reduce the language to a lesser one, you will have the deal with that yourself.


Did you missed where I said he sounds cute with the accent? You should go back to read it..


And thanks for the lecture on everyone else with an accent. I didn’t know about those loll.. considering I fell from the sky and yesterday was my first day on earth.”


Aunty ‘you know nada about my tribe’ Ifeoma Adannia Timothy  came in with her own, she said “”Solly” is not an Igbo accent. It’s just a child learning to talk or having speech problems. This is kind of disrespectful to the whole tribe, very unbecoming of my sophisticated and civilized friend.”


Madam Fifie replied her “Ifeoma Adannia Timothy, “Solly” actually is an Igbo accent. It is called mother tongue interference.


It is not a speech problem and is not disrespectful.


I am from Nnewi, and it is our registered trademark. That, and substituting “ch” for “sh”.


Just like Hausas mix up their pees,  effs, bees and vees and Yorubas have the “H” factor.


And these are just the major tribes o.


Hilarious account Zee Ibrahim. Nice one.”


And H-anty came gunz blazing(well she was properly schooled later??) with ”

Excuse me ! Might be your town’s accent not mine or anywhere close to my part of Igbo. Speak for yourself Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie.


Yes, it is disrespectful because my town and local government doesn’t speak like that… So, it is wrong to generalize that to all Igbos with different dialect and accents.”


And M F took her to kindergarten school, she replied her “It is also wrong to say because your town and local government does not speak like that, it is not Igbo.


It is dearie.


Nothing to get your pretty knickers in a twist over.


Here, take two ? and chill!




She was still there showing herself and Macmillian Maximillahni Moni carry am enter 18 sharpely, he commented “You think you are having a bad day till you meet an Nnewi man struggling to pronounce “Parallelogram”


Viola don’t come and beet me oo, today is palm sunday.lol

Ifeoma ,com and beet me!”

(Kwakwakwakwa, na Palarrerogram you go hear??)


Madam still refused to back down o, she went on and on and on forgetting she jam those weh get her time wella. She sharpely swing the thing to Tribal kini, she said”Nigerians and their tribalism mantra anywhere they live including America very shameful.”

And when Macmillan tried to tell her it’s not only an Igbo thing, she went for the jurgular “Are you kidding me? You need to slap yourself some brain cells. Admitting to some BS that doesn’t exist in order to maintain Facebook friendship. You are sick woman, you need urgent help.” (Heee??)


Macmillan now asked her one queshure weh sweet me die “Ifeoma Adannia Timothy have you ever looked up the meaning of humor?

I could be more Igbo than you, more ” Biafra ” than you….but I found the post very funny, sister put some smile on your face jare.”


H-angry h-anty is still there ranting o and other people haf come join the matter


Me ayam starting a protest vewi vewi soon #bringbackourhumour o??


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