Puppet Country

If you spend enough time on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, you may have seen any number of posts saying: “ignore this if you’re heartless” or “scroll down if you don’t love God/Jesus/your mum”… Why do Nigerians go ahead  and comment on or like such posts? Can it be fear and ignorance? Is there an unspoken understanding that such behaviour is normal or acceptable?

Leadership By Example

Oyibo dey call am “monkey see, monkey do. As Naija nor get time for long story, we dey call our own “copy-copy” and yes, we suppose sabi am because e dey our body. Nah the same copy-copy wey make Lagos people begin feel say dem fit escape all their palava for inside lagoon we dey talk, but make we leave dat lagoon gist small for now. As I begin watch politrickians for tee-vee since I dey for pikin; for my mind, na chair dem dey use win argument… anytime wen…